Welcome to the Cordalene Picture Show

Greetings and welcome to the wonderful make-believe-world I like to call... "Fan-dalene" (trademark pending). The main purpose of this glorious site (stop laughing) is to share photos, play some games, share stories, and to basically work the web for the just and worthy cause of promoting our most fav band, CORDALENE.

Future Updates
Over the coming weeks I'll be slowly (not kidding, I *do* have a day job...) posting pictures from my fairly large library of past Cordalene shows. Also, you might want to check the site the week after a show - those photos tend to get posted sooner.

What do you think?
True Believers (sorry Stan...), this site is for your personal enjoyment and amusement. In fact, feel free to make fun of my endeavors. As such, if you find something to be amiss, please let me know immediately (so I can procrastinate until I get maybe 5 or 6 more emails...).

So, sit back (remember, watch your posture - you only have *one* back), relax and enjoy! And make sure to check out the band's main site at www.cordalene.com!


Article: a Fan's Notes

Photos from the Northstar on 1/21/2004

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