Cordalene: a fan's photos...

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NEW NEW NEW !!! CD Release Party Article from our own Laura "The MB Girl" Hopkins!

Photos from the December 9th show at The Fire!
Check out the setlist on the left.

Welcome to the Cordalene Picture Show!

You may be asking... who, or what, is Cordalene? Well... Cordalene is an incredible band coming to you from the City of Brotherly Love - PHILADELPHIA! Check out their website at!

Okay, let's K.I.S.S. I've got photos to share, and this site is the tool. Check out the links below, and enjoy!!!

    Cordalene at The Fire in Philadelphia on 12/9/2003
    Cordalene at the TLA in Philadelphia on 11/9/2003
    Cordalene at the TLA in Philadelphia on 10/24/2003
    Cordalene at the Luna Lounge in NYC on 9/11/2003
      Also... Photos of the Twin Towers Memorial Lights
    Cordalene at the Grand Slam in Marlton, NJ on 7/25/2003
    More on the way! Thanks for your patience!

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