How's Everything?

Hey there. My name is Kim, and I'm a big Cordalene geek*.

The Why
I've been following the band for the better part of the last year and a half. In that time I've managed to accumulate a lot of great photos of the guys in action. Photos that I've been itching to share with the rest of the Cordalene-fan-community. Hence this site.

The How
Yes, I designed and constructed this site. If it sucks, I take full responsibility (please be gentle). I've had to learn HTML and FRAMESETS and all kinds of weird web jargon, but I think it was well worth the effort. Unfortunately, there's no guarantee this site will be free from bugs and blisters - I'm still learning and growing here...

Where YOU come in!
So, if you find something that doesn't work, or is difficult to use, PLEASE please please let me know. Seriously. I want this site to be as user-friendly as possible. To that means, if you have any advice or requests, I'd love to hear those too. Thanks!

January 2004

*MB Laura says: "Cordalene 'geeks' are very unique and awesomenacious!"