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Guitars Stolen from Cordalene Practice Space!
November 21, 2004

Sometime between 8pm Saturday night and 3pm Sunday afternoon, there was a break-in at the Cordalene practice space. Between themselves and their space-mates One Star Hotel, our boys lost a lot of gear, including Mike's White Stratocaster, and Jamie's sunburst Les Paul Standard, and a few of the backup guitars that they've used over the last couple years. See below for a list (and photos) of items stolen. Click here for printable Word file, and here for Inquirer article.

- 1997 Epiphone 335 Dot autographed by Noel Gallagher of *Oasis* with hard shell case
- 1975 White Fender Stratocaster (black pickguard, maple neck) possibly bloody from use, with hard shell case
- 1990ish Gibson Les Paul Studio, cherry red, missing a couple knobs, in bag
- 2001 Gibson Les Paul Standard Classic 1960. Light tobacco sunburst, possibly also bloody from use, without case
- Mandolin, electric
- custom handmade guitar, top is 3/4" purpleheart, back is 3/4" mahogany, PBC Tension Free neck, kahler tremolo, Spertzel locking tuners, superior gig bag (guitar kinda looks like this but made by an obviously inexperienced guitar builder).
- 4-track analog recorder
- bag of pedals and cords, 1 tuner, 1 bass overdrive

One Star Hotel:
- fold-flat hand truck
- 1998 Fender American Telecaster clear finish, white pickguard (Serial #N7244235)
- 1970's Gibson SG with Bigsby Tremolo, brown
- Nord Lead 2 keyboard (new)
- 1985 Juno 106 keyboard
- 1680 Roland hard disk recorder
- Behringer mixer, 12 channel
- CD burner HHB 830
- Roland KC-300 amplifier

What can I do?

We'd all appreciate if you could keep a look out for any instruments that fit these descriptions (see photos of Cordalene gear, below), either on the street or in any of the Philly area pawn shops and music stores. If you think you've found one of Cordalene's guitars, please drop them an e-mail ASAP at or call 215-334-6662.

Some ideas are being floated, such as holding a benefit concert for the two bands, charity auctions, etc. More information will be announced when ideas develop into definite plans. For now, please take a look at the guitars below, and a big thanks to everyone for your support!

Mike's Red Epiphone,

And his White Stratocaster:

Jamie's Red Les Paul:

Jamie's #1 Les Paul Standard:

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