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During the past years of existence, this company has been engaged by several private individuals as well as some State Corporations to carry out different types of surveys.The following are some of our clients and the type of work carried out.

(a) Caroni (1975) Ltd.
- Cadastral and Engineering Surveys.
(b) Plipdeco
- Cadastral and Engineering Surveys.
(c) Water and Sewerage Authority
- Survey of Pipe Lines
(d) Lands & Surveys Department


- Survey for Acquisition purposes and
Leases to tenants.

(e) National Housing Authority
- Almond Drive Apartments
- Perimeter Survey
- Mahabir Lands
(f) Exeqtech Ltd.
- Survey of Towers, West Mall,
- Arima Race Course,
- Lowlands, Tobago.
(g) Vikab Engineering Ltd.

- Survey of Several Land Slide sites
(h) Tobago Plantations Ltd.
- Survey of Lowlands Estate
- Topographical Survey for the
- Design of Golf Course
- Residential Plots
- Setting out Road, Hotel Site,
- Golf Course
- Survey of Individual Plots.
(i) Guardian Properties Ltd.


- Survey of “The Towers” Westmoorings
- Survey of Apartments

(j) P.W. Partnership
- Survey of Stadium Sites
- Controls for setting out works on
- Stadium Sites
(k) Design Collaborative Ltd.
- Topographical Survey of several sites for Designing Buildings
(l) Alpha Engineering Ltd.
-Survey of Approximately 40 KM Pipe Line Route
- Topographical Survey of several sites for the purpose of design for the Roads, Drains, and Water Profiles and DTM Modeling for several Sites
(m) CEP Ltd.

- Survey of Several Parcels for Sub- divisions (Stollmeyer Estate)
- Preparation of Sub-division
(n) Land Settlement Agency
- KP Lands Survey of 200 Lots
(o) The National Parks and Watershed


- Boundary Descriptions of the Management Project Maracas National Park and
Matura National Park