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What the?  Why does this statue have a scythe when I use a battle axe?  Tell that sculptor I want a refund!
Ahriman may be evil incarnate, but no one can say he's not an art lover.
Hey!  You!  Yes, you!  Don't you dare point that mouse cursor at my left shoulder,  I'm warning you . . .

A nightmarish fusion of skeletal spider and double-headed brute that can be found in Sega's 1992 Arabian-themed Defenders of Oasis Game Gear video game (original Japanese title: Shadam Crusader: Harukanaru Oukoku). Zariche is the first of six Wizard Kings you'll have to face in the game's final dungeon--this unnatural fortress can only be reached by flying from the top of the Tower of Jiklart on the mythical Roc's back.

While all three of the hideous amalgam's heads have nasty dispositions, the left humanoid is particularly high-strung. For reasons that not even the dread Ahriman can fathom, Zariche cannot, nay, WILL NOT, tolerate anyone touching its left shoulder. Should an individual be foolhardy enough to insult Zariche by breaking this strange taboo, the fiend will fly into a berserk rage, attacking until the offender is reduced to little more than a greasy red smear. Ahriman, taking full advantage of his minion's eccentricity, has peppered the narrow, maze-like corridors of an entire wing of his Underworld lair with statues of Zariche, and, as you can probably guess, the tempermental monstrosity will still take offense if you happen to bump the wrong shoulder of an inanimate stone likeness. Apparently, Zariche has some kind of magical sixth-sense attuning it to the replicas, as it can, and will, instantly possess and awaken any profaned monument and use it to attack the defiler--"killing" the statue will not vanquish Zariche itself, as the temporarily beaten creature will simply withdraw to whatever plane of existance it normally inhabits, from whence it can return again, completely restored, to control one of the other sculptures. Needless to say, few would-be trespassers survive long enough to cross Ahriman's gallery of Zariches.

The edges of the massive battle axe Zariche wields are coated with potent venom (doubtlessly milked from some unholy orifice on its twisted body); any successful strike with the weapon, in addition to causing substantial injury, will poison the unfortunate victim (with the exception of the Genie, who, being magical in nature, enjoys immunity from all material toxins). If the venom isn't neutralized, either with the Genie's "Haoma" spell or the "Snake Act" item, the afflicted will succumb to the poison in a short amount of time. Additionally, the bony arachnid that serves as Zariche's lower body can exhale plumes of 1093o C/2000o F flame, charbroiling its foes.

Hit Points
Experience Points




Newsprint, tissue paper, white glue, hot glue, super glue, wire twist ties, sand, nail polish, and acrylic paint.

[NOTE: Due to the articulation, these values will vary depending on how the joints are positioned;
the numbers given assume a neutral standing pose without the weapon accessory attached.]

7.2 cm/2.8 in. x 7.4 cm/2.9 in. (widest point x highest point)

Thirty-four points: Necks (2); shoulders (2); elbows (2); wrists (2); waist; skull mandible; and spider legs (3 each, 24 total).

Two weeks; March 5-7, 9-11, 13-15, 17-19, 23-24 (2010).

Zariche photo collage.

For comparison/informational purposes, below are several images from the Defenders of Oasis game (more information on mouse-over):

Arriving in the Underworld, the Prince and his companions come across a stone monolith . . .    . . . conveniently warning them of the tremendous chip on the left shoulder of Ahriman's first follower, Zariche.

Here we see the Prince blithely ignoring what he just read, pissing Zariche off immediately.  Don't you hate it when people do that?  Zariche does.    Zariche isn't very tough, so this probably won't be the result if you do pass on the left, but I thought I'd teach the Prince a harsh lesson about the consequences of poor reading comprehension.

Now, this is more like it: If you carefully make your way through the room of statues, not passing any of them on their left sides--you'll only have to fight Zariche once, at the end.    This is the spot where you must pass a Zariche statue on the left in order to proceeed onward to the warp pad--smack him around good for cheating at his own game!

Zariche, having two heads, naturally has two attacks, scorching your Arabian asses with fire . . .    . . . or physically attacking, which will also result in poisoning (exept for the the Genie).  If you let the toxin fester for too long (around 6 turns), the character will collapse.


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