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Yuki Customized
Barbie Doll

Along with Kaede and Moriya, one of Gaisei's adopted children/pupils. Yuki has the ability to control the elemental power of ice and wields her spear with deadly skill.

One day, the apparent murder of Gaisei, at what looked like the hands of Moriya, shattered the lives of the three young friends. Gaisei's real killer was in fact Kagami Shinnosuke, one of the four sacred gods, the red bird, Suzaku, in the form of a man. A desperate struggle soon ensued with Kagami's power marshaled against the other three sacred gods (one of whom turned out to be Kaede), and several human champions, including Yuki, with the fate of the world at stake. Kagami was ultimately defeated, but after the incident, the gate between our world and the underworld still remained open; the Sealing Rites, which required the virginal Sealing Maiden, were required in order to close it again. Genbu No Okina, Kaede, and Yuki set out to find this Sealing Maiden, but, unknown to anyone, that maiden was in fact Yuki herself. While they searched, Yuki was stalked by the 'Messenger From Afar', the dark warrior, Setsuna, whose mission it was to slay the Sealing Maiden before she could perform the Sealing Rites. However, the demon Setsuna was unsuccessful in this task, and Yuki, fulfilling her destiny as the Sealing Maiden, ultimately sacrificed her life to seal the Gate of Hell at the end of Last Blade 2.

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