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I give out-of-this-world massages with my tentacles...only twenty Meseta, how about it?


Yeah, that zit on my back has really gotten out of hand...pop it for me?

Believe you me, it takes a lot of snot to make yourself this shiny!

Tumorous bipedal creatures that can be encountered in 1994's Phantasy Star IV: The End of The Millennium Sega Genesis/Megadrive roleplaying video game. The biomonsters Xanafalgue and Gicefalgue share the same game sprite but have different color schemes and statistics.

While arguably the weakest biomonster on all of Planet Motavia, its horrifying appearance and rapid reproduction make the Xanafalgue one of the most feared by the general populace. These organisms attack by discharging bolts of electricity from their tentacled maws (some biologists have hypothesized that the constant, undulating motion of said appendages somehow builds up the charge.) While a single shock is usually sufficient to kill smaller prey, such as rodents, a healthy human adult can usually weather several blasts from the creature before finally succumbing. Xanafalgues are spawned in great numbers by a larger biomonster, the Igglanova, via fission. It is not known if an Igglanova is the adult form of a Xanafalgue or if the Igglanova simply produces Xanafalgues as a defense mechanism. Similarly, Gicefalgues are created by Guilgenova.

Monster Species Hit
Meseta Item

I used to think I was hot stuff until I found out I was just animate Guilgenova poo.
40 115 $44 Antidote Bio Lab Poisonous

Two lousy Meseta?  How pathetic is that?  Um...could I borrow some money?
16 9 $2 N/A Motavia Academy Basement;
Birth Valley

Newsprint, tissue paper, wire twist ties, white glue, gloss nail polish, and acrylic paint.

4.4 cm/1.7 in. x 3.7 cm/1.5 in. (widest point x highest point)

Two days; November 13 and 14, 2011.

This particular figure was originally created specifically for a monochrome themed contest at Figure Realm. I had initially painted my Xanafalgue figure black, but that wasn't photographing well, so I redid it in a purple hue instead, which worked out a lot better, as far as being able to see the detail in the sculpt goes. Below are the images that I submitted to said challenge:

For comparison/informational purposes, below are some relevant images:

Xanafalgue cut scene artwork that appears during the party's first conversation with the Principal of Motavia Academy.

The party spots a lone Xanafalgue, near the entrance to the Academy's basement, but the creature bolts before they can act.

Animated gif intermission time!  Go out to the lobby and buy me some Parma Popcorn?

The party prepares to do battle with a pair of Xanafalgues in the basement beneath Piata's Academy.

An Igglanova in the process of creating a second Xanafalgue, via fission.


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The repeating background graphic is a close-up of some computer systems from a battle sequence in the Phantasy Star IV game.