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The Witch is Dead

I modeled this while I was toying with some Play-Doh at the dining room table with one of my nieces. I didn't start out with any specific plans for what I was going to create, beyond a woman, the figure just naturally developed into a witch--perhaps the color of the clay subconciously suggested it to me. I would have liked to work on this piece a bit longer, but the Play-Doh was beginning to dry out and develop cracks, so I called it quits after about 30 minutes of labor (I imagine misting it with a water spray bottle might have made the material more malleable again, but that idea didn't occur to me at the time). When my niece wanted to know how this nameless witch crashed, my on-the-spot answer was, "She let the cat steer the broom."

Nothing but black Play-Doh.

I didn't actually measure it before I crumbled the whole affair back up into a ball and returned the modeling clay back to its' plastic can (except for the cat, which my niece insisted on keeping), but I'd estimate the witch figure was roughly 6.0 inches/15.2 cm in length.

Around 30 minutes on February 27, 2011.

The Witch is Dead photo collage.

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