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The Autobot's mechanical engineer. Wheeljack spends the majority of his time holed up in his laboratory/workshop inventing new weapons, making improvements on his comrades' designs, or just transforming junk and spare parts into something useful to the Autobot cause. He has the air of a mad scientist, but no one can question the quality and effectiveness of his efforts. Wheeljack is a frequent visitor to the Autobot's medical repair bay, as he often suffers injuries while testing/experimenting with his creations.

In robot mode, Wheeljack utilizes twin shoulder-mounted mortar launchers to assault the enemy. Naturally, the ingenious Wheeljack has dozens of different types of mortar shells to choose from and is always devising new ones, much to the annoyance and fear of his Decepticon opponents. Wheeljack can fly by utilizing rocket thrusters concealed within his arms; his back-mounted wings, while small, aid in this endeavor. In car mode, Wheeljack has good speed and maneuverability and is one of the most skilled Autobot drivers, particularly when it comes to performing tricks and stunts.

My Wheeljack figure is based on a cross between the toy and cartoon/comic designs. The Wheeljack toy's robot form is too bulky-looking for my tastes, and the cartoon/comic form, while better proportioned, lacks adequate visual reference to Wheeljack's car form in my opinion. My version is a marriage of the two, combining what I feel are the best aspects of both. The two mortar launchers are removable and interchangeable with either shoulder post. The figure doesn't transform.

Cardboard, newsprint, white paper, plastic, white glue, hot glue, caps from 12 oz. Gatorade bottles, Autobot insignia from a Transformers toy package, toothpick sections, marker, colored pencil, ink, and paint.

28.1 cm/11.1 in. x 13.4 cm/5.3 in. (highest point x widest point)

Five days; July 21-25, 2004.

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