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War Club

This is a papier mache Anishnabe/Ojibwa Native American war club replica that I made many years ago as part of a project for a high school class. If memory serves, I believe the assignment was to write a report on some aspect of Anishnabe culture and to make a piece of art to go with it (I think my paper was on the afterlife/funeral rights--what that has to do with a war club--other than that you can kill someone with one--is no longer apparent to me). It's been a long time since I constructed it (I think I was around 14-15 years old at the time), so it's not in the best shape these days--there are cracks in it, the paint is flaking off, and it originally had several bird feathers attached near the business end. In terms of scale, it's probably a little on the small side, but then, I was shorter too when I made it. I can recall that, one afternoon, some of my classmates removed it from the bulletin board (where it was on display with other students' artwork), without my consent, and proceeded to whack each other with it at recess--that's teenage boys for you. To the best of my knowledge, this is the oldest papier mache piece I still have, which is probably why I hang onto it.

Paper, cardboard, a plastic cat toy, white glue, rawhide string, and paint.

(* The rawhide loop is excluded from the measurements given below.)

33.5 cm/13.2 in. x 10.0 cm/3.9 in. (highest point x widest point)

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