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Three-legged, arachnid-like monstrosities from another dimension.

Vores can spontaneously generate an unlimited number of small, crystalline explosives that they toss at distant enemies. Once in flight, these projectiles become self-propelled and actively seek out their target(s). In close quarters, Vores use their tremendous strength to rip victims apart with their sharp legs and claws. Thick hides and sub-dermal chitin plating afford them some natural protection from attacks.

A Vore cannot use its projectiles at close range without risking damage to itself from the resulting explosions. Because of their homing nature, these missiles travel at a relatively low velocity; a quick and agile target can evade them, and the truly daring (or just suicidal) can use them against the creature. The top-heavy Vores move slowly because their odd number of legs make them prone to balancing problems, particularly on uneven terrain. In one of these appendages were to be injured to the point that it could no longer support the Vore's weight, the beast would collapse and be unable to move.

Paper toweling, newsprint, white glue, ink, and paint.

16.8 cm/6.6 in. x 12.5 cm/4.9 in. (highest point x widest point)

One day; January 28, 2005.

An image of a Vore from the Quake PC video game:

Unpainted photo of my Vore figure:

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