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Cyclopean, winged demons that appear in the Sony Playstation video game Final Fantasy IX. They inhabit Ipsen's Castle and the strange realm of Memoria.


1. Veterans are ranked at Level 44. They have 6,972 HP (hit points) and 1,672 MP (magic points).

2. Quina can learn the skill 'Doom' by devouring a Veteran.

3. When defeated, a dead Veteran may leave behind a bottle of Ether, a Topaz gemstone, a plume of Phoenix Down, a Phoenix Pinion, or a Veteran collectible game card. Each slain Veteran is also worth 15,181 experience points, 3 AP (ability points), and $1,971 in Gil.

4. The items Hi-Potion, Ether, and Phoenix Pinion can potentially be stolen from a Veteran during battle.

5. Variations of these flying, one-eyed monsters appear in many Final Fantasy games as enemies. The creature design made its first appearance in the Japanese Nintendo Famicom video game Final Fantasy III (as the boss 'Ahriman'). Some examples of other names these fiends have gone by in various Final Fantasy games: Allemagne, Bat Eye, Buer, Doom Eye, Float(ing) Eye, etc.


These flying horrors physically attack their enemies by swooping in and raking them with their sharp claws. A Veteran can also fire 'Blaster' energy beams from its eye; these searing rays inflicts non-elemental damage and may also completely immobilize the target (the 'Stop' status effect). Veterans are quite knowledgeable in the black arts, particularly when it comes to invoking Death. These flapping eyes may summon the Reaper in two ways: First, they can inflict 'Doom'; this is an incurable status effect that results in a timed death sentence being issued to its unfortunate victim. When the clock hovering over the doomed one's head runs out, the Reaper claims his prize. The second method, 'Roulette' summons Death to randomly take one life in the caster's immediate vicinity. While flying, a Veteran is completely immune to Earth-based elemental attacks because it has no contact with the ground. Veterans are also naturally resistant to the elements of Thunder and Shadow; they will only take half damage from attacks attuned to those forces.


The elemental forces of Wind, Water, and Holy will do a Veteran great harm. These creatures are vulnerable to all status effects. Death does not play favorites; a Veteran runs the risk of losing its own life every time it employs the 'Roulette' technique.


(Veteran) Tissue paper, newsprint, white glue, hot glue, ink, pencil, marker, and acrylic paint.
(Hi-Potion) Plastic, 3 plastic beads, embroidery thread, newsprint, white paper, white glue, hot glue, marker, and acrylic paint.
(Topaz) Plastic, marker, and hot glue.
(Game Card) Cardboard, white paper, ink, pencil, colored pencil, marker, white glue, and hot glue.
(Phoenix Down & Pinion) Colored paper and wax crayon.
(Ether) Plastic, a bead, newsprint, white paper, marker, acrylic paint, white glue, and hot glue.

[NOTE: I did not make the base seen in some of the photos. Said base is from McFarlane Toys' Water Dragon Clan 3 figure.]

18.5 cm/7.3 in. x 28.5 cm/11.2 in. (highest point x widest point)

Six days. Construction ran through October 24-25 and 27-30, 2006.

Veteran photo collage.

Veteran accessories.

Veteran mid-construction photos.

Below is an image of a Veteran from the 'Final Fantasy 9' Sony Playstation video game.


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