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A souped-up version of the standard Wolfenstein 3D mutant that functions as a boss monster.


1. Originally, Übermutant was only found as a boss, on Floor 16, in the personal computer (PC) game Spear of Destiny. However, some ports of Wolfenstein 3D are 'remixed' versions that contain bosses from both the original Wolfenstein and its sequel, Spear of Destiny. For example, the Super Entertainment System (SNES) version of Wolfenstein 3D has the bosses Hans Grosse, Dr. Schabbs, and Mechameister/Staatmeister (who is actually Mecha Hitler/Hitler 'censored' by Nintendo via the removal of his trademark mustache) from Wolfenstein 3D and the bosses Trans Grosse, Übermutant, and Death Knight from Spear of Destiny.

2. Spear of Destiny was developed by id Software and first published by FormGen Corporation on September 18, 1992. While created as a sequel to Wolfenstein 3D, time-wise, it is a prequel whose events take place before Wolfenstein.

3. Wolfenstein 3D, and its sequels, were inspired by the older 1980s Muse Software Castle Wolfenstein and Beyond Castle Wolfenstein games.

4. There is historical truth in the video game's storyline regarding Nazi interest in the Spear of Destiny. Referred to by several names, including 'Spear of Longinus' and the 'Spear of Christ', it is believed that this artifact is the very weapon that a Roman legionnaire used to pierce the body of Jesus on the cross (John 19:34). Legends vary as to what powers this weapon supposedly confers to an owner who understands how to wield it properly (i.e., military invincibility, the ability to control/subjugate the entire world, etc). Adolf Hitler, as a young man, saw the spear exhibited in the Hofburg Museum in Vienna--its' significance did not go unnoticed by the future leader. Heinrich Himmler had a reproduction of the weapon made for himself in 1935. When Hitler invaded Austria in 1938, he took the spear from the Hofburg Museum. The spear, which was buried beneath the Nuremberg Fortress, was found on the same day that Hitler committed suicide, April 30, 1945. It, and other stolen artifacts, were returned to the Hofburg Museum on January 6, 1946. As with many 'holy' relics, there is a good deal of speculation/dispute about whether this spear is the authentic item or not--throughout time, other spears, and spear head fragments, have been labeled as the 'true' Spear of Destiny.

5. The word 'über' means, depending on context, 'over', 'above', 'meta', or 'super' in the German language. It is used as either a prefix or as a stand-alone word (usually as a preposition or adverb). It is thought that the word was first introduced to the English speaking world through Friedrich Nietzsche's term 'Übermensch' ('super human'/'superman', or, literally, 'over human'). In other countries, particularly the United States, it is used exclusively as a synonym for 'super'. Such is the case with Übermutant = Supermutant (i.e., a more powerful version of the standard mutant enemy in Wolfenstein 3D).

6. Unlike most of the other enemies in the id Software Wolfenstein games, which spout German phrases, Mutants and Übermutant are silent other than grunts/groans. It is assumed that, being zombies, they no longer have the ability to speak.

During World War II, Adolf Hitler steals the 'Spear of Destiny' from Versailles and hides it deep within the walls of Castle Wolfenstein. Believing possession of the weapon makes him invincible, Hitler's German army runs rampant across Europe. The Allies' most valuable operative, B.J. Blazkowicz, is given the task of infiltrating the castle and recovering the spear. It is hoped that its loss will demoralize Hitler and make the dictator even more unstable than he already is.

Übermutant is Doctor Schabbs' ultimate creation. Using his twisted invention, the 'Corpsokinetic Animation Serum', the mad doctor has had great success in reviving numerous slain German soldiers as murderous mutant zombies. The 'standard' Mutant model sports a pistol in its abdominal cavity. Schabbs improved on this design with Übermutant, adding two additional arms, replacing the pistol with a chain gun, and increasing the creature's strength/durability a hundred-fold. B.J. Blazkowicz will have to confront and destroy Übermutant on his journey to recover the Spear of Destiny . . .

Mounted inside Übermutant's chest cavity is a chain gun (aka Gatling gun) which he can operate through the clenching of abdominal muscles. The six spinning barrels on this weapon can fire an impressive 1,000 rounds per minute (roughly 17 bullets per second). It is assumed that, because there are no visible ammunition belts coming in or out of his body, the creature carries, or produces, all of its bullets in some internal fashion. Übermutant wields four meat cleavers in his fists which he uses to hack apart anyone who foolishly gets too close and/or when his chain gun runs out of ammunition. Übermutant's body can absorb frightening amounts of physical punishment--a hail of bullets that would rip an ordinary man to ribbons will barely make this abomination flinch. Übermutant can even survive multiple direct hits from explosive shells.

Although a fairly uncommon occurence, the chain gun's bullets, which are belt fed, can sometimes jam in the feeder/delinker, rendering the weapon inoperable until the stoppage is cleared. Übermutant cannot perform this corrective operation on himself; the process requires a visit to Dr. Schabbs laboratory, where the Doctor, or one of his assistants, can clear the mechanism relatively easily. The gun is also prone to overheating, if fired continuously, rather than in short bursts. While quite deadly, the chain gun uses up ammunition very quickly, in comparison to other automatic firearms, and has a short activation delay as the barrels must spin for a few moments before they reach firing speed. Übermutant's only shortcomings stem from this firearm--in all other respects, he is the 'perfect' soldier: Incapable of disobeying orders, ruthlessly efficient, and nearly impossible to destroy.

Newsprint, cardboard, notebook paper, tissue paper, wire twist ties, white glue, hot glue, and acrylic paint.

(*The dimensions for this model can vary, depending on how the joints are positioned. The numbers given are for the figure in a 'neutral' standing pose.)
6.4 cm/2.5 in. x 3.0 cm/1.2 in. (highest point x widest point)

Twenty-one points total. Neck, waist, chaingun, shoulders(4), elbows(4), wrists(4), hips(2), knees(2), and ankles(2).

Approximately three days; construction ran from 7/25/07-7/27/07. I made the head, upper body, and chain gun on the 25th. I created the four arms, four cleavers, and another chain gun (I managed to lose the first one, because it was so tiny, forcing the fabrication of another) on the 26th. The waist and legs were made on the 27th, completing the figure.

Übermutant photo collage.
Übermutant gets no respect.
(NOTE: Figure shown above holding my Übermutant is a M&C Toy Power Team Elite World Peacekeepers 'U.N. Force' 12-inch toy--I didn't make it. And, yes, I know troops in WWII didn't have that kind of uniform/equipment--I don't have any WWII-era toys, so I had to make due with a modern soldier for this photo.)

For comparison purposes, below are three images of Übermutant from different video game systems. Note that the Macintosh (MAC) computer version has double resolution sprites (128x128 pixels) compared to the SNES and PC versions (64x64 pixels), which is why that version of Übermutant is more detailed.

Übermutant game sprites comparison.

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