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Turbo Man

One of Dr. Wily's robot masters from Mega Man 7. Turbo Man has the ability to transform himself from robot mode to dragster mode, and back again, at will. In dragster mode, he favors ramming his opponents at maximum speed with hit-and-run tactics. Turbo Man is protected by a force field in this state (to prevent him from being damaged during his collisions with others) and can't be harmed until he reverts back to his robot form. Turbo Man is the master of the Scorch Wheel, a whirling circle of raging flames that bursts apart into several smaller flames shortly after being released. By revving the engine in his chest up to its maximum output, Turbo Man can draw objects towards himself as his intake pipes suck in the surrounding air, creating a vacuum. However, he can only run his engine for short periods of time at this level, or he risks overheating and breaking down.

Shade Man's Noise Crush creates powerful vibrations that wreak havoc with Turbo Man's high-performance, combustion engine. While in his dragster mode, Turbo Man's wheels have a tendency to spin for a few moments before they get any traction, this delay usually gives his target enough time to avoid his charges. Turbo Man can't use the Scorch Wheel or create a vacuum in dragster mode.

Cardboard, colored paper, newsprint, paper toweling, white glue, hot glue, plastic, a drinking straw, components from my broken Sega Saturn, and paint.

15.5 cm/6.0 in. x 14.8 cm/5.8 in. (highest point x widest point)

Six days; June 18-23, 2004.

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