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Large, non-aggressive mollusks that can be encountered in Nintendo's 1991 Metroid II: Return of Samus Gameboy video game. They are structurally similar to gastropods found on Earth and other worlds.

A Tsumuri's hard shell is composed of calcium carbonate and studded with bumps and spikes that deter most predators. Utilizing the powerful suction pads that line the underside of its pseudopod, a Tsumuri can climb any surface, including sheer walls and ceilings.

Tsumuri move rather slowly; the few predatory organisms not thwarted by their shells find them easy prey. Unlike many gastropods, a Tsumuri cannot withdraw itself into its shell for added protection (but, as little vulnerable flesh is exposed, this isn't too much of a liability).

Newsprint, paper toweling, white glue, and acrylic paint.

9.7 cm/3.8 in. x 5.8 cm/2.3 in. (widest point x highest point)

One day; April 16, 2005.

Tsumuri photo collage.

For comparison/informational purposes, below are some relevant images:

Samus Aran encounters a Tsumuri in a vertical shaft near the surface of Planet SR388.

Tsumuri instruction manual artwork.


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