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Gravestones animated by malicious poltergeists that can be encountered within the Reverse Keep in Castlevania - Symphony Of The Night. May drop a katana or green tea when destroyed.


When disturbed, the spirits that possess these monuments lift them effortlessly into the air and use them as flying battering rams to crush any and all trespassers. To make matters even worse, any physical contact with one of these memorials instantly results in the affliction of a curse that prevents the victim from counterattacking. These markers are composed of dense stone and are very resistant to physical damage. Attacking one with an edged weapon, unless it is particularly well-crafted or magical in nature, is more likely to result in a notch in your blade than a crack in the masonry.


Although tough, Tombstones can be crushed or shattered by a series of powerful blows from a blunt object, particularly when struck where the elements have already begun to crack and erode the surface. The gravestone is the poltergeist's only remaining link to the physical world, once it is broken, the spirit is rendered harmless. The curse that these haunted monuments can inflict only lasts a short time and can be prevented entirely if one has in their possession something that can ward off or counter its effects.

Cardboard, newsprint, white glue, hot glue, and paint.

15.5 cm/6.1 in. x 7.8 cm/3.1 in. (highest point x widest point)

One day; March 11, 2005.

Two images of a Tombstone from the Sony Playstation Castlevania Symphony Of The Night video game:

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The brick background graphic is from the "Marble Gallery" castle area in the game.