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Will you buy anything with the Final Fantasy name on it?  Square's marketing department thought so...

(SaGa 2: Hihou Densetsu)

This is the kind of trippy stuff you'll see after licking me.


Hippity-hop and flippity-flop, I'm off to waste my GP at the Item Shop!

Bud...      Wei...      Ser...      Tastes great, less filling!

No!  I do not want to play leap frog with you!

Enormous amphibians that can be encountered in Square-Enix's 1990/1991 Final Fantasy Legend II Nintendo Gameboy roleplaying video game [original Japanese title: SaGa 2: Hihou Densetsu (SaGa 2: Legend of The Secret Treasure.)] Said title was also released again, without changes, in 1998, by Sunsoft, and an enhanced remake, with fully polygonal graphics, was published for the Nintendo DS in 2009, but only in Japan (SaGa 2: Hihou Densetsu ~ Goddess of Destiny.) Note that the labeling of this software as Final Fantasy Legend II, for Western consumers, was a deliberately dishonest marketing tactic--the SaGa series of games is not part of the Final Fantasy franchise.

There are five different species of toad/frog monsters in Final Fantasy Legend II. In order of power, from weakest-to-strongest, they are (the original Japanese moniker for each amphibian, if different, is given in parenthesis): Toad, Poison Toad (Poison Frog), Huge Toad (Black & White Toad), Giant Toad (Ch'ing-Wa Sheng), and King Toad (Heqet). [Ch'ing-Wa Sheng is the Chinese frog spirit of healing and good fortune and Heqet is the Egyptian frog-headed goddess of birth and fertility.] All five creatures share the same generic game sprite; they're only differentiated by name and combat capability. If you decide to have a monster as a member of your party of adventurers, it's possible to transform that monstrous player character into one of said toad variants, or some other type of critter, by having them consume the meat that is sometimes left behind by slain enemies after the conclusion of a battle (what they turn into is governed by the strength and type of beast that the flesh came from and what physical form the Player's monster had prior to ingesting it.)

All amphibian enemies in Final Fantasy Legend II employ some combination of the following abilities in battle (the strongest type, King Toad, has access to eight of them, Toad, the weakest, only has a couple, and the other three varieties fall in between those two extremes):

  • Kick (a vicious blow from the toad's long, muscular legs.)
  • Gas (a foul, choking emission from the creature's anus that damages all foes.)
  • Tongue (a painful lash from the monster's sticky appendage.)
  • Tie Up (the toad wraps and tangles up an opponent with its tongue, temporarily immobilizing them.)
  • Poison Skin (a toxic glandular excretion coats the creature; anyone who physically attacks the warty beast while this is active will find themselves instantly poisoned on contact.)
  • Curse Song (a ribbiting melody that temporarily weakens the audience with a debilitating curse, lowering their strength and defense stats.)
  • Mad Song (a mind-rending, croaking chorus that temporarily disorientates listeners, causing them to indiscriminately lash out against friend and foe alike, randomly use items from their inventory, or stand idly by doing nothing at all.)
  • Warning (sixth sense that significantly decreases the likelihood of the monster being ambushed.)
  • X Ice (the amphibian is vulnerable to cold temperatures and takes extra damage from any sort of icy assault; critical hits suffered as a result of a freezing elemental attack can potentially be instantly fatal.)
  • O Poison (the toad is immune to all known toxins; it can never be poisoned.)

  • Should you transform your monster player character into one of these croaking fiends, it will gain all of the capabilities, and weaknesses, described above, appropriate to that particular toad species.

    Statistics for Amphibian Monsters in
    Final Fantasy Legend II/SaGa 2: Hihou Densetsu
    Strength Defense Agility Mana Encounter
    Giant Toad/

    (Japanese: Chinwasen = Ch’ing-Wa Sheng)

    I bring good fortune, if I'm in your party, otherwise, I bring warty doom!
    756 73 71 78 62 Central Shrine Tongue (30)
    Kick (15)
    Tie Up (20)
    Gas (15)
    Curse Song (5)
    O Poison
    Huge Toad
    (Japanese: Shiroku no Gama = Black & White Toad)

    A black & white toad in a black & white appropriate.
    637 61 59 66 52 Nasty Dungeon World,
    Final World
    Tongue (30)
    Kick (15)
    Tie Up (20)
    Gas (15)
    Curse Song (5)
    O Poison
    King Toad
    (Japanese: Hekato = Heqet)

    Heqet is a goddess, I should be a Queen Toad!
    885 86 83 91 80 ???
    (Ultimate toad form, likely only available as a playable monster after eating really strong meat.)
    Tongue (30)
    Kick (15)
    Tie Up (20)
    Gas (15)
    Mad Song (5)
    Curse Song (5)
    O Poison
    Poison Toad/

    (Japanese: Doku Kaeru = Poison Frog)

    P-Toad does not stand for Penis Toad--damn you kids and your dirty minds!
    263 25 23 28 20 Guardian World,
    Venus World
    Tongue (30)
    Poison Skin (30)
    Gas (15)
    X Ice
    O Poison
    (Japanese: Gama = Toad)

    Just your typical, boring, entry-level enemy.  Nothing to see here; move along.
    52 6 4 6 3 First World Tongue (30)
    X Ice
    • The number listed, in parenthesis, after a skill, is the number of uses available. Once depleted, you can't use that skill again until you rest at an inn, drink an Elixir, or use a Tent. If no number is given, the skill is always active and usage is unlimited.
    • Final Fantasy Legend II/SaGa: Hihou Densetsu is a game programmed for the original Gameboy, which means it has gray-scale graphics. As such, all of the various toad enemies look identical (exactly like the Huge Toad, pictured above, in fact.) I made colored sprites for this table because it helps differentiate them visually and it gives you an idea of how they might have looked had the game been made for a color console instead.

    Newsprint, tissue paper, white glue, wire twist ties, gloss nail polish, and acrylic paint (figure).
    Transparent plastic and super glue (stand).

    7.6 cm/3.0 in. x 8.0 cm/3.2 in. (widest point x highest point)
    (5.6 cm/2.2 in. tall excluding the stand.)

    Three days; September 5, 7, and 9 (2011).
    The first two days were spent sculpting, and the third day was mostly painting and making the stand.

    Toad photo collage.

    For comparison/informational purposes, below are some relevant images:

    The party encounters a Toad and a Fungus inside the 'Relics of The Ancient Gods' dungeon in the First World.

    After consuming some meat, my monster has changed from a Jaguar into a Toad.

    The stats for my monster player character, Kupo, while in Toad form.


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