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Spark Man

This robot master first appeared in Mega Man 3. An energetic mechanoid, Spark Man hops about his lair, pausing only long enough to charge up and fling an electrical ball of energy at Mega Man, or to touch his electrodes to his head, emitting a cascade of outwardly radiating sparks.

Spark Man must remain stationary while charging and discharging electricity, a liability that his opponent can easily take advantage of. Spark Man is lightly armored to prevent him from overheating while repeatedly generating the large fluctuations in power that characterize his offensive capabilities - what little protective plating he has is easily pierced by Shadow Man's deadly Shadow Blades.

Cardboard, white paper, white glue, hot glue, marker, ink, and paint.

10.1 cm/4.0 in. x 10.3 cm/4.1 in. (highest point x widest point)

Unknown; this figure's creation occured before I started keeping thorough records of my work (which means it was made sometime prior to May 30, 2004).

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