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The Autobots' theoretician. A scholar and scientist at heart, Skids is a reluctant participant in the civil war between his Autobot comrades and their enemies, the Decepticons. Skids finds the planet Earth, his new home, which is so different from his homeworld of Cybertron, endlessly fascinating. Unfortunately, many of the things Skids researches on Earth, while interesting to him, are completely irrelevant to the Autobot cause, which has been known to irritate his companions, and has even led some to question his usefulness to the group. Skids' mind has a tendency to drift as he ponders the mysteries and workings of the universe, a habit that often places him in grave danger - traffic accidents or a chestful of Decepticon artillery fire are the two most common results of Skids inattention to events occuring around him. Skids gets his name from his superb breaking system. He can go from maximum speed to a dead stop in almost no time at all (an ability that has saved the daydreaming Skids from serious injury, or even permanent deactivation, on more than one occasion). As can be expected, these rapid decelerations leave a trail of burnt rubber in their wake.

In robot mode, Skids uses a liquid nitrogen rifle and a twin-barreled electron blaster, either of which can neutralize and immobilize his opponents, the former by freezing, the latter by disrupting circuitry. He also makes use of a wrist-mounted rocket launcher when demolitons are necessary. In van mode, Skids has no offensive weaponry and has no standout qualities other than his aforementioned breaking ability.

My Skids figure design is based primarily on the toy, although I did redesign his arms and weapons a bit. All three weapons are interchangeable with either forearm socket. The figure doesn't transform.

Cardboard, newsprint, paper toweling, plastic, white paper, white glue, hot glue, a toothpick, four 32 fl. oz. Powerade bottle caps, ink, marker, colored pencil, and paint.

28.0 cm/11.0 in. x 21.7 cm/8.5 in. (highest point x widest point)

Seven days; July 8-14, 2004.

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