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Large, ground squirrels that can found in the video game Final Fantasy VI. They dwell in the South Figaro and Nekeah regions (World of Balance).


1. Rhodoxes are ranked at Level 7. They have 119 HP (hit points) and 100 MP (magic points).

2. If Gau learns the Rhodox 'rage' ability, he can 'snare' his enemies.

3. Each slain Rhodox is worth 59 experience points and $80 in gold points.

4. Poison antidotes and healing tonics can potentially be stolen from any Rhodox during a battle.


These mammals are only active during the day. Forests and fields are their preferred habitats. Rhodoxes live alone in their burrows, except when females are rearing a litter of young (they bear anywhere from 3-8 offspring each time). On average, a healthy female will have 2 or 3 such litters a year, and the young Rhodoxes are weaned and turned out of the burrow to fend for themselves after six weeks. Their diet consists primarily of nuts and seeds, but they have been known to supplement this fare with insects as well. Rhodoxes are hoarders and spend most of their waking hours filling the subterranean chambers of their burrows with piles of food. Moogles often find these squirrels to be unwelcome competition for their beloved Kupo Nuts. In addition to edibles, Rhodoxes are known to collect shiny bottles, which is why adventurers may find antidotes and tonics in their possession. Both humans and carnivorous monsters hunt Rhodoxes for food. Their pelts are also used in the manufacture of clothing. Human children sometimes capture young Rhodoxes and raise them as house pets--which works out fine until a parent steps into the Rhodox hole dug into the child's bedroom floor. Speaking of which, human leg injuries are commonly seen in areas where Rhodoxes are known to burrow--if you don't watch where you step, it is quite easy to stumble into one of their holes, sinking up to your knee or thigh, and be rewarded for your intrusion with a bite, scratches, or a sprained/broken ankle.


When cornered, Rhodoxes fight their enemies by biting with their incisors or scratching with their claws. They can tunnel through soil, sand, gravel, and wood with relative ease, but solid rock is beyond them. These rodents have very keen eyesight and sharp ears. Additionally, while underground in their burrows, they can feel the vibrations of anything striking the earth (such as footsteps) long before they can hear the noise of whatever is making those vibrations. Needless to say, it is not easy to sneak up on a Rhodox. Rhodoxes cannot be blinded, enraged into a berzerk state, nor rendered speechless. These furry creatures move too quickly for Sabin to get a grip on them and use his 'Suplex' Blitz attack.


Rhodoxes have a very strong attachment to their burrows and will usually choose to die in them rather than flee when danger presents itself (for example, while most creatures will run away from a forest fire, the stubborn Rhodoxes will instead cower in their holes where, unless they have dug them very deep, they usually die from the heat or smoke inhalation). This tendency to dig in, rather than run, is what makes them so vulnerable to predation by man and beast alike. Rhodoxes make no effort to camouflage their burrows, often tunneling them in open areas where they are easily discovered. While feisty when threatened, Rhodoxes generally aren't much of a match for anything larger than them.

(Rhodox) Tissue paper, newsprint, white glue, hot glue, permanent marker, ink, and acrylic paint.
(Burrow Entrance) Tissue paper, newsprint, white glue, hot glue, and acrylic paint.
(Tonic) Five plastic beads, newsprint, a wire twist tie, white glue, hot glue, and acrylic paint.
(Antidote) Three plastic beads, newsprint, a wire twist tie, a toothpick, white glue, hot glue, and acrylic paint.

8.4 cm/3.3 in. x 13.3 cm/5.2 in. (highest point x widest point)

Two days. Construction began on 11/25/06 and ended on 11/26/06.

[Mid-construction photo]
This image was captured at the end of the first day of construction. The Rhodox and its burrow are around 90% complete and unpainted.

This is a pencil drawing of a Moogle popping in on an underground Rhodox (perhaps he/she wants its stolen Kupo Nuts back . . .) that I made on 11/25/06. I did a digital coloring job on it using the art program GIMP.

Below is an image of a Rhodox from the 'Final Fantasy 6' Super Nintendo Entertainment System video game.

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