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Decepticon warrior and commander of the Predacons. Razorclaw is a strong believer in efficiency and results; he has nothing but disdain for waste and failure. In keeping with his views on conservation of energy and labor, Razorclaw spends the majority of his time inactive, but only a fool would believe him inattentive or lazy - while he may appear lethargic in this state, in actuality, Razorclaw is constantly monitoring everything that goes on around him with unblinking interest, waiting for the right moment to act, and when that moment finally arrives, Razorclaw's response is instantaneous, and, in the case of battle, extremely violent. During particularly uneventful periods of time at Decepticon headquarters, Razorclaw has been known to remain immobile for so long that his joints lock into place.

In robot mode, Razorclaw favors using his sonic sword against his opponents - the blade of which vibrates at such high speeds that it shatters and/or crumbles most substances as it passes through them. His twin, shoulder-mounted laser rifles fire beams of devastatingly destructive energy; one blast is enough to level a medium-sized building. Razorclaw's twin concussion blaster fires capsules that release a corrosive gas on impact. This gas reacts in unpleasant ways with most metals and alloys. In lion mode, Razorclaw possesses incredible strength, speed, and agility, far surpassing that of his organic likeness. He can easily leap the length of a football field in a single bound. His sharp teeth and claws can rend through steel, and he can climb any surface in which he can find purchase. His previously mentioned concussion blaster and laser rifles are also available to him in lion mode.

Razorclaw can combine with the other four Predacons to form the fearsome super robot warrior Predaking; he becomes Predaking's head and body. Razorclaw's double-barrelled concussion blaster transforms into Predaking's X-ray laser cannon.

My Razorclaw figure is based primarily on the toy, with some influence from the toy/cartoon, as well as some personal changes. The figure and blaster do not transform, nor will Razorclaw combine with the other Predacons (which I haven't made anyway) to form Predaking.

Cardboard, newsprint, white paper, paper toweling, white glue, hot glue, marker, computer printouts of Decepticon logos, colored pencil, ink, and paint.

27.8 cm/11.0 in. x 24.0 cm/9.4 in. (highest point x widest point)

Six days; July 29-31 and August 1-3, 2004.

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