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Quano's Axe

"A masterpiece created by the magician Quano. In it is sealed a beast."

        - In-game description

An enormous, strangely-shaped axe that the protagonist Darius can purchase and wield in Agetec/From Software's 2000 Sony Playstation 2 video game Evergrace. The weapon gets its' namesake from the legendary magician who created it. As part of the forging process, Quano sealed a terrible beast within the axe, and that many-eyed fiend remains trapped inside of it to this very day. When fully upgraded, Quano's Axe sports three special Palmira Actions: The four-strike 'Dance Combo'; the defense-breaching 'Guard Break'; and the rolling-slash 'Somersault'. Using said Palmira Actions, or simple wear-and-tear, will consume a portion of the finite Palmira energy infused into the blade--foolishly burn through it all, and the item will break (luckily, even if you wreck the axe, the creature Quano imprisoned inside of it still can't escape--that's quality magical craftsmanship). Should you find yourself with a broken or nearly depleted weapon, all is not lost, because, like all of the gear in Evergrace, Quano's Axe can be repaired/reinfused with Palmira, if you return it to the shopkeeper and pay him the appropriate fee, or, in the field, through the consumption of a Billiana Extract item.

I made this accessory as an entry for an "Arsenal of Doom" weapon sculpting challenge that I initiated at the Shiflett Brothers Sculpting Forum.

Newsprint, lined notebook paper, tissue paper, white glue, acrylic paint, and nail polish.

6.3 cm/2.5 in. x 8.8 cm/3.5 in. (widest point x highest point)

Five days: December 28, 30, and 31, 2010; January 1 and 2, 2011.

Quano's Axe photo collage.

To tell you the truth, Quano's real name was Guano, and he was a bat, not a magician..

For comparison purposes, below are some images from the Evergrace Playstation 2 video game (I shot the photos off of my television screen, which is why the quality isn't the best):

In-depth Item Book entry for Quano's Axe.

Some of the many weapons Darius can obtain throughout the game--Quano's Axe is the 4th item in the second row.

Yes, he's wearing a jack-o-lantern on his head.


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  •   Wikipedia Evergrace entry.

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