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This was my entry for Craftster's monthly challenge #107: "Bottled Up". As you've doubtlessly already deduced from the title of said competition, the object was to make a piece of artwork utilizing some kind of bottle.

While trying to come up with an idea for a project, I looked at the various bottles littered around the house, to see if any of the shapes/colors would inspire me. In addition to those normal vessels, I recalled that I also had some miniature perfume/makeup bottle accessories, from various dolls, so I dug out the Ziplock bag that they were stored in and had a look. In particular, I focused on these three items that came with Mattel's 2005 My Scene: Goes to Hollywood Barbie:

As I inspected them, it occurred to me that the center bottle resembled the shape of a woman's legs and torso in a gown, and thus, the idea for this project was born. Here's the quick concept sketch I drew:

This is the roughed-out papier mache anatomy mounted on the top of the toy perfume bottle. She was pretty scary-looking at this stage, eh?

Here are several shots of the more-refined model, now impaled on a sewing needle (ouch!), for stability, with many of the final details and accessories added.

Finally, the finished product. As you saw in my initial sketch, I had originally planned to give her a big, long ponytail, but, while I was flocking her head with minced sewing thread, I decided that she looked a lot better to me with shorter hair, so I kept it that way.

A plastic Barbie perfume bottle accessory, newsprint, white glue, sewing thread (hair), embroidery thread (dress top), a wire twist tie (jewelry), a magazine advertisement (clutch purse veneer), acrylic paint, ink, and marker.

2.7 cm (1.1") wide x 4.6 cm (1.8") tall.

Two days; March 7th and 8th, 2015.

April 8th, 2015 Addendum:

I was fortunate enough to be awarded first place in the Bottled Up challenge, as decided by a poll open to all of Craftster's forum members (thanks everybody!) The winner of Craftster's monthly challenge usually gets to select any one item from their online shops as a prize. After some consideration, I decided on one of lusterbunny's "Skull & Scissors" necklaces (which matches the canvas bag I got last time), but the virtual stores also carry a variety of other items like clothing, mugs, etc. Speaking of which, Craftster moderator "kittykill" was kind enough to send me a cool bonus "Rock is Dead. Long Live Paper and Scissors!" metal pin in my prize package too! The padded envelope arrived in the mail on 4/7/15:

Here I am wearing them, and, yes, my face could use a shave:

Some of my toys wanted to help me model the prizes too:

Mattel's Monster High Headless Headmistress Bloodgood's horse, Nightmare:

Toy Biz's Marvel Legends Series IX Build-a-Figure Galactus, Ravager of Worlds:

MGA's BFC (Best Friends Club) Ink Noelle doll (at least, I'm pretty sure it's Noelle . . . she's got an identical twin, Aliesha, but I believe her sister has short bangs and straighter hair):

Kellytoy's plush rendition of Nintendo's nefarious Wario:

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