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& Micro-Goombas

Flying, rapidly-reproducing fungi from the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) video game Super Mario Brothers 3.

These variations of the common Goomba have evolved wings which allow them to fly. The wings are powerful enough to sustain prolonged flight, but Para-Goombas often use them to make a series of large, wing-assisted leaps as well. These creatures can be very difficult to strike if they stay aloft where few attacks can reach them. Unlike other fungi, which reproduce by releasing immature spores, a Para-Goomba's offspring stay nestled within the mushroom's gills where they rapidly grow into a more mature state. When confronted by an enemy, the fluttering fungus will often rain these tiny versions of itself down upon its foes. Because a Para-Goomba carries hundreds of young within its gills, and quickly replaces those that it ejects, there is almost no limit to the number of Micro-Goombas a single Para-Goomba can produce.

A Para-Goomba isn't very damage resistant--a successful attack will destroy its wings, grounding it permanently, where it is much more vulnerable. A second blow will kill it. While a Para-Goomba can potentially produce legions of Micro-Goombas, the releasing process is physically strenuous, so they can only liberate a few at a time without overtaxing themselves and must briefly rest before dropping another trio. The Micro-Goombas, while developed enough to survive and attack on their own, are still immature and cannot fly like their parent.

Cardboard from a potato chip box, pieces of a Styrofoam cup, tissue paper, newsprint, paper toweling, white glue, hot glue, ink, and acrylic paint.

(Para-Goomba) 10.3 cm/4.1 in. x 11.6 cm/4.6 in. (highest point x widest point)
(Micro-Goombas) 1.7 cm/0.7 in. x 1.5 cm/0.6 in. (highest point x widest point)

One day. Construction began and ended on 7/16/06.

Three, quick, ink sketches I drew just before beginning to make these figures.

Image of a Para-Goomba dropping Micro-Goombas from the 'Super Mario Brothers 3' NES video game.

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