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 Ouija Table 

Furniture, animated by a malicious poltergeist, that first appeared in Konami's 1997 Sony Playstation Castlevania: Symphony of The Night (Japanese title: "Akumajo Dracula X: Gekka no Yasoukyoku", or "Demon Castle Dracula X: Nocturne in The Moonlight") Sony Playstation video game. Said title was also ported to the Sega Saturn and Sony PSP. This possessed decor can only be found in the 'Marble Gallery' area. Ouija Tables appear ordinary until a trespasser gets too close, at which time the articles suddenly spring to life, levitating into the air and battering the unfortunate victim with telekinetic blows. Assuming you've encountered at least one specimen, Ouija Table is catalogued as entry #15 in the Master Librarian's enemy list. They are ranked at experience level 5, have 20 hit points (HP), and have a base experience point value of 20 (the amount you'll actually receive is dependent on what level Alucard is currently at--if you're also a level 5 character, you'll get that exact value, if you're below that, you'll get more than 20 experience points per Ouija Table kill; on the other hand, if you're above level 5, you'll get progressively less, all the way down to a measly 1 experience point at level 10 and above). These unnatural entities have no elemental weaknesses/affinities. After destroying a Ouija Table, you might get one of two rare item drops (having a high luck rating increases the likelihood of obtaining these objects). The first, Barley Tea, is a refreshing beverage that can restore 15 HP when you drink it. The second, Morning Set, is a delicious combination of eggs, toast, and coffee that, in addition to starting your day off right, will replenish 24 units of your health when consumed. In other Castlevania titles, this recurring enemy sometimes bears the moniker Poltergeist rather than Ouija Table.

Newsprint, lined white paper, tissue paper, white glue, super glue, plastic, a cat whisker (no animals were harmed acquiring it), 'Dots' candy, nail polish, and acrylic paint.

(Chair) 2.8 cm/1.1 in. x 4.5 cm/1.8 in. (widest point x highest point)
(Table) 1.9 cm/0.7 in. x 3.4 cm/1.3 in. (widest point x highest point)

Two days; July 25 and 26, 2009.

Ouija Table photo collage.

For comparison purposes, below is an image of a Ouija Table from the Castlevania: Symphony of The Night video game.

I'll admit I cheated a bit here, rearranging the articles in an art program to my liking.

(In no particular order of importance.)

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The brick background graphic is from the "Marble Gallery" castle area in the game.