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"Spark up those fossil fuels!
Eject those human fools!
Join me--
For today is the day
The motor vehicle rules!"

-  Motor Head
TMNT Magazine Winter 1992

A human/car hybrid capable of mentally controlling motorized vehicles. He is a villain character in the TMNT universe.


1. The comic story in which Motorhead appeared was plotted by Ryan Brown (who created the character), written by Dean Clarrain, penciled by Jim Lawson, inked by Dan Berger, colored by Steve Lavigne, and lettered by Mary Kelleher.

2. This figure was made specifically for a custom TMNT figure contest at The Technodrome Forums.

Very little is known of Motorhead's origins. Judging from his appearance alone, it seems likely that a human being and a car were somehow fused together, possibly through the use of mutagen ooze. Motorhead is obsessed with the idea of leading a revolution to overthrow humankind, with the intent to replace them with cars, and other motorized vehicles, as the dominant 'life form' on planet Earth. The TMNT, and April O'Neil, driving in their van, first encountered this villain when they ran into a traffic jam, in downtown New York City, that was the result of Motorhead's activities.

Motorhead is able to mentally control motorized vehicles such as automobiles, trucks, buses, etc. There does not appear to be a numerical limit to the number of such machines he can control at once, although range is a factor. Generally, Motorhead uses these vehicles to run down or crush his opponents. He also possesses superhuman strength, enabling him to lift/press roughly 2 tons. When forced to fight in close quarter combat, Motorhead employs wrenches, tire irons, and other tools, that one would generally find in a car trunk, as weapons. Physiologically, Motorhead derives nourishment from the combustion of gasoline which he ingests by drinking. A chemical battery, located under his 'hood', provides a secondary, short-term, power source in emergency situations. If necessary, Motorhead can subsist on other combustible liquids (various oils, alcohols, etc) if gasoline is not readily available.

Motorhead's ability to control vehicles, while impressive, is limited in range (his effective sphere of influence measures approximately 200 feet away from his body). He cannot, for example, command every vehicle in a city at once (unless it was a really small city). Motorhead prefers not to fight directly, instead sending his vehicular 'minions' into battle in his stead. While this may at first appear cowardly, it is more likely that controlling said vehicles takes a great deal of concentration; focus that would be difficult to maintain if he was engaged directly in a fight. The mechanical and organic components of Motorhead's body have different properties that don't always complement each other. For example, his metal parts are very durable, but are prone to rusting and require periodic maintenance and lubrication in order to perform properly, while his organic components are more easily damaged and subject to physical fatigue. Motorhead fervently believes vehicles are sentient and that they should throw off the yoke of human oppression and take their place as the rightful rulers of the planet. However, despite his conviction, the fact remains that automobiles are inanimate objects incapable of feeling or expressing the ideas he champions. At best, he is deluded, at worst, insane.

Cardboard, newsprint, tissue paper, wire twist ties, white glue, hot glue, plastic, marker, and acrylic paint.

(*The dimensions for this model can vary, depending on how the joints are positioned. The numbers given are for the figure in a 'neutral' standing pose.)

6.0 cm/2.4 in. x 4.0 cm/1.6 in. (highest point x widest point)

Twelve points total. The 'neck' has two joints, one below the 'car' head, and one above the 'engine' body. The arms have three joints each, for a total of six; they move at the shoulders, elbows, and wrists. The left leg has three joints; hip, knee, and ankle. The right leg is jointed at the hip (there's only one point here, compared to the three on the other leg, due to the fragile nature of this leg's structure, which sports multiple cut-out areas).

Approximately four days total. Construction ran from 7/14/07-7/18/07, with no work being done on the 15th.

Motorhead photo collage.

[Mid-construction photos of my Motorhead figure]

Motorhead construction.

For comparison purposes, below is an image of a Motorhead from the Winter 1992 TMNT Magazine comic story in which he first appeared.

Motorhead comic.


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