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Damn you, Eve, this was the hand I used to pick my nose and fling feces!

Grotesque primates that can be encountered in Square-Enix's 1998 Parasite Eve Sony Playstation roleplaying video game (said title was also made available again recently, as a digital download, via the Playstation Network, in 2010/2011.) The game is a direct sequel to the 1996 science fiction novel of the same name, written by Hideaki Sena.

Like the rest of the animals in New York City's Central Park zoo, the primates mutated and become Neo Mitochondrion Creatures (NMCs) after coming into contact with Eve during Day 2: Fusion. Eve's influence causes the mitochondria present in living cells to "awaken" - they then take control of the organism that they inhabit, which is usually accompanied by physical deformation and the expression of latent powers. In the case of monkeys (apes would probably be a more accurate description), the most noticeable change is in the left arm, which takes on the appearance of twisted, bloody flesh and elongates into a giant, sickle-like claw. A monkey can detach this misshapen appendage at will and fling it at distant adversaries. Similar to a boomerang, after flying a short arc, the lower arm returns to the monster and reattaches itself seamlessly again at the elbow. Monkeys can also scratch, with their normal hand, at close range. These NMCs have 57 hit points and no particular strengths or weaknesses.

Tougher (158 hit points) yellow-green monkeys can also be found on floors eleven-through-twenty of the Chrysler Building bonus dungeon in the EX (extra) Game that opens up after you successfully complete Parasite Eve once. While more difficult to defeat, these variants attack and behave exactly like the normal monkey enemies found in Central Park.

Newsprint, white glue, wire twist ties, acrylic paint, and gloss nail polish.

6.0 cm/2.4 in. x 5.3 cm/2.1 in. (widest point x highest point)
* The numbers given are for a neutral standing pose.

Seventeen points: Neck (x2), shoulders (x2), elbows (x2), wrist, mid-torso, waist, hips (x2), knees (x2), and ankles (x4).

Three days: August 7-9, 2012.

For comparison purposes, below are some relevant images (more information on mouse-over):

Monkey artwork and description from a Japanese Parasite Eve guide book.

Aya Brea confronts two monkeys in Central Park.

Aya tangles with a pair of green monkeys inside the Chrysler Building.


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