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Small, fish-like organisms indigenous to the planet SR388. Moheeks are non-aggressive, but one must still take care when moving around them as the many tendrils protruding from the top of their bodies cause an excruciating stinging sensation if accidentally touched. The majority of SR388's predators avoid the Moheeks, having learned from painful experience the consequences of trying to make a meal of one. Hundreds of tiny suction pads on their undersides allow Moheeks to climb virtually any surface, including walls and ceilings; they use this ability primarily to forage for their favorite foods (various lichens, molds, algae, and fungi) among the rocks and crags. Moheeks can survive in both terrestrial and aquatic environments, but they usually don't stray far from one of the many underground pools of mysterious, energy-draining liquid unique to SR388 (Moheeks are immune to the effects of this fluid). Moheeks are social organisms and are almost always encountered in groups.

Cardboard, newsprint, paper towling, white glue, hot glue, beads, and paint.

8.0 cm/3.2 in. x 8.5 cm/3.3 in. (highest point x widest point)

One day (November 7, 2004.)

Before Painting:

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