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A female combat cyborg player character found in the 1993 Sega Genesis roleplaying video game Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom. The protagonist of the first generation, Rhys, Prince of Landen, discovers Mieu wandering without purpose along the shores of a lake in the Northeastern region of his homeland. A thousand years ago, Mieu served in Orakio's cyborg armies against Laya and her monstrous hordes. As Rhys is a direct descendant of Orakio, Mieu agrees to fight beside him on his quest to rescue his kidnapped fiancee, Maia. Because cyborgs don't age, both Mieu and Wren, her male counterpart, remain as player characters throughout the entire game, continuing in the service of both Rhys' son and his grandchildren. Like Nei of Phantasy Star II, Mieu fights exclusively with various wrist-mounted claw weapons.

Paper envelopes, white glue, ink, and colored pencil.

4.5 cm/1.8 in. x 4.8 cm/1.9 in. (widest point x highest point)

A few hours on September 10, 2012.

This is the prototype figure I made, earlier in the day, prior to starting work on Mieu.
It's just some generic elf girl in a purple bikini; it's not meant to be anyone in particular.
I don't know why, but I actually like her better than Mieu.

For comparison purposes, below are various images of Mieu:




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    The repeating background sprite is the Alisa III bio-dome spaceship from Phantasy Star III.
    The midi music playing is the "Anger" track from Phantasy Star III.