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Metal Babble

Rare and extremely tough members of the extensive slime family who are highly sought after due to the rich rewards one can potentially earn from slaying them.


  • Metal Babbles made their first appearance in the 1986 Japanese Nintendo Famicom (aka: The Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES for short) video game Dragon Quest II (changed to Dragon Warrior II in the North American market), which was published and developed by Enix. Ports of Dragon Warrior/Quest II were also later released on the MSX, Super Famicom/Super Nintendo, and Gameboy Color systems. Metal Babbles have become a staple Dragon Warrior/Quest enemy ever since, appearing in most, if not all, of the following games in the series.

  • As is the case with the majority of the Dragon Warrior/Quest monsters, the Babble slimes were created by famed Japanese manga artist Akira Toriyama (also known for Dr. Slump, Dragon Ball, etc).

  • The statistics for these creatures vary from game-to-game, but in Dragon Warrior II they have: 35 hit points (HP); an attack strength of 19; a huge defense rating of 255; an impressive agility score of 200; 255 pieces of gold, and are worth a whopping 1,050 experience points per kill.

  • After slaying a Metal Babble in Dragon Warrior/Quest II, there's a slim chance that you may find a "Dragon's Potion" in the creature's sticky remains. This rare item allows you to save your game anywhere (normally, you can only record your progress in specific locations).

Generations ago, a descendant of the legendary hero Erdrick battled the wicked Dragonlord and brought peace back to the land of Alefgard (as told in the original Dragon Warrior/Quest). Victorious, the young champion wed the Princess Gwaelin and the royal couple founded and ruled over the country of Torland. Time passed and the three children they bore grew to adulthood and scattered across the globe, eventually carving out their own kingdoms of Cannock, Midenhall, and Moonbrooke. Under the wise and just guidance of those carrying Erdrick's blood, decades of prosperity followed.

Until one fateful day when the dread wizard Hargon appeared, spreading death and destruction wherever he went. The young prince of Midenhall has been called upon to follow in the footsteps of his fathers before him and slay this new threat, but first he must enlist the aid of his cousins, from Cannock and Moonbrooke, to join him in his quest . . .

Metal Babbles are one of the many monster species that the heroes may meet and battle with during their adventures. Babbles are a unique offshoot of the slime family that resemble a constantly bubbling puddle of goo with eyes and a mouth (while the eyes function as one would think, the mouth is largely cosmetic and it is only used to audibly speak the Slime language--it is not used for respiration or ingestion). Slimes can reproduce both sexually and asexually, via fission. It is unknown if Metal Babbles are a breed separate from the common green Babbles or if they are the hybrid product of a mating between said common Babble and a Metal Slime. A Babble absorbs oxygen from the air through its external membrane, and, likewise, nutrients from various organic surfaces as it slithers over them (a moderately acidic secretion aids in this process). Waste materials are excreted into the air in the form of bubbles.


  • Unnatural Durability

  • A Metal Babble's body consists of very dense, semi-liquid metal. Further, the creatures lack any discernible vital organs, bones, cartilage, etc. Striking a Metal Babble is akin to hitting a blob of metallic gelatin. Although they can be harmed and killed, Metal Babbles have a disturbingly high resistance to both physical damage and magic.

  • Speed

  • Metal Babbles are extremely fast, slithering and slipping about like flowing water. Once they decide to make a run for it, even the swiftest of human feet hasn't the slightest hope of catching them.

  • Magic

  • Metal Babbles are fairly proficient in magic, although they only know two spells. The first, "Surround", casts illusionary mirror images around the slime, making the already difficult task of striking a Metal Babble almost impossible. The second, "Firebane", creates a horrific firestorm that deals heavy damage to all of the Metal Babble's opponents.

  • Tease

  • Finding a Metal Babble is difficult, slaying one even more so. The task has been known to frustrate adventurers to the point of nervous breakdowns or berserk rages. Hunting them is not a sport for the easily irritated.


  • Cowardice

  • Metal Babbles are notorious for the frequency with which they run from battles. Some pessimistic babble hunters believe this has nothing to do with fear, rather they contend that the grinning slimes flee for no other reason than to torment their pursuers. As slimes are known to have a penchant for mischief, this is entirely possible.

  • Highly Desired Prey

  • Despite how difficult it is to actually slay one, Metal Babbles are constantly hunted by adventurers everywhere due to the huge amount of experience points they're worth and the rare Dragon Potions they're known to carry. You would have to kill roughly 262.5 regular Babbles in order to equal the experience you'd get from slaying a single Metal Babble. It is not unknown for a party of adventurers to beat the bushes in the known habitats of these creatures for hours, hoping to encounter some of these elusive slimes. If they weren't so hard to kill, Metal Babbles would doubtlessly have been hunted into extinction a long time ago.

Newsprint, tissue paper, white glue, plastic, gloss nail polish, and acrylic paint.


1.8 cm/0.7 in. x 3.6 cm/1.4 in. (highest point x widest point)

One evening on 1/9/08.

Metal Babble photo collage.
Note that the bottom-most image on the left has the plastic supports, that connect the bubbles to the slime, edited out of the photo.

Dragon Warrior monsters group photo.

For comparison purposes, below are several images of Babbles from various sources. The first picture depicts the Metal Babble game sprite from the NES version of Dragon Warrior/Quest 2. The second image depicts the marginally-better SNES game sprite from Dragon Warrior/Quest 5. The third image is the original Akira Toriyama hand-drawn art (note that this is a regular Babble, not the Metal variety). And the final picture is a photo of a Metal Babble plush toy (manufacturer unknown).

Metal Babble NES game sprite.    Metal Babble SNES game sprite.

Akira Toriyama's original Babble artwork.    Metal Babble plushie.

(In no particular order of importance.)

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