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Melting Zombie/
Melty Zombie

Dripping, undead horrors that can be encountered within the 'Aqueduct of Dragons' in Castlevania - Harmony of Dissonance. Unlike most of Dracula's other zombie minions, which are relatively 'fresh' and intact, Melty Zombies exist in a perpetual state of highly-advanced decay. When destroyed, an Uncurse Potion or Iron Helmet may be found in the creature's remains.


Melty Zombies are crawling with pestilence--physical contact with any part of the undying abomination can result in poisoning and/or illness. When engaged in battle they can quickly turn the odds in their favor by rapidly reproducing. They accomplish this by vomiting forth chunks of their own rotting flesh--this decomposing tissue, once separated from the owner's body, rapidly undergoes a ghastly metamorphosis and becomes another Melty Zombie. The ability to overwhelm their prey with duplicates of themselves, coupled with their unnatural resistance to physical damage, makes them fearsome foes--the weapons often seen protruding from a Melty Zombie's back are chilling reminders of those that have tried, and failed, to slay the fiend.


Lacking legs, the creatures must slowly drag themselves along the ground with their arms, this mode of locomotion places them at a significant disadvantage against a more mobile opponent. Melty Zombies leave a slimy trail of putrid fluid (which constantly drips from their stomach) behind them wherever they go, this sign warns of their presence and makes them easy to track. An unarmed, but daring, adversary can liberate one of the weapons frequently found wedged in the creature's flesh and use it against the fiend. Melty Zombies are vulnerable to the elemental forces of ice and wind; the former freezes the monster's mostly liquified soft tissue and the latter rips the foul flesh from the fiend's bones.

Newsprint, tissue paper, paper toweling, white glue, hot glue, beads, wire twist ties, a bottle rocket stick, cardboard, and paint.

Dimensions (without weapons):
9.1 cm/3.6 in. x 18.5 cm/7.3 in. (highest point x widest point)

Two days; August 13 and 14, 2005.

Image of a Melty Zombie, from the Nintendo Game Boy Advance Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance video game:

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