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Medusa Head

Flying, decapitated heads that closely resemble the mythical monster for which they are named. They can be found in most Castlevania video games. These grisly floaters are simple minions, mere shadows of their mistress. The 'real' Medusa is considerably more powerful and dangerous.

Medusa Heads fly through the air in a wavelike pattern. This flight is perpetual and achieved through magical means. They attack by colliding into their target(s). The blow, aside from causing damage from multiple, painful snake bites, knocks the victim backwards (often to their doom, as the realms of Castlevania are more often than not filled with all manners of pits and other deathtraps). Occasionally, Medusa Heads with additional powers may be encountered--the ability to vomit fireballs or turn flesh to stone are two examples. There is no end to the number of Medusa Heads an adventure will have to contend with. He or she has no hope of ever defeating them all--the best one can do is evade them long enough to escape to another area where they can't, or won't, follow. If one is foolish enough to stand and fight, the Medusae will eventually wear down and destroy their opponent(s), no matter how brave, skillful, or strong.

These monsters are not terribly intelligent. Their unique flight pattern, from which they never deviate, is relatively easy to avoid. Medusa Heads are fragile creatures and are easily destroyed by almost any type of weapon or attack. However, because they are infinite in number, killing one, or a million, will only give a temporary reprieve from attack, never victory.

Paper toweling, tissue paper, newsprint, white glue, hot glue, and acrylic paint.

10.3 cm/4.1 in. x 12.5 cm/4.9 in. (highest point x widest point)

Four days. Construction began on 1/3/06 and ended on 1/6/06.

[Mid-construction photo of my Medusa Head figure]
This photo below was captured midway through the third day of construction. The completed head is shown on the right with approximately one-third of the snake tendrils I used for her 'hair' on the left. I made the other two-thirds later the same day and attached them to the head. As you can probably imagine, it was very tedious business making all of those tendrils individually.

Below are images of Medusa Heads from eight different 'Castlevania' video games. My design isn't based on one particular incarnation.

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