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Master Boreworm

One of the Evil One's most fiendish underlings. The Master Boreworm spends much of its existance spawning large quantities of smaller boreworms - lamprey-like creatures that enter the bodies of humans and then slowly metamorphasize their flesh until they become mindless, undead monsters. The Evil One depends heavily on the Master Boreworm to keep his armies of the damned well stocked. The transformation can be halted and reversed - but only by quickly killing the Master Boreworm before the process goes beyond the point of no return. Despite it's monstrous, bipedal appearance, the Master Boreworm is actually little more than a festering bag of maggots and digestive juices - a truth that becomes more and more apparent as the creature takes damage during battle. As the exterior flesh fails, Whole sections of its body have been observed to burst apart, revealing the wriggling vermin within. The Master Boreworm delights in the suffering and pain of others and frequently suffers bouts of uncontrollable maniacal laughter while observing its handiwork. The creature, while crafty, is also cowardly, and avoids engaging its enemies directly when possible. However, when cornered, the Master Boreworm will fight, moving with amazing speed and agility.

My Master Boreworm figure is transformable, by removing the jawed head, the battled-damaged "worm face" form is revealed.

Cardboard, white paper, white glue, hot glue, rubberbands, and paint.

9.0 cm/3.5 in. x 11.0 cm/4.3 in. (highest point x widest point *jaw head on*)

Unknown; this figure's creation occured before I started keeping thorough records of my work (which means it was made sometime prior to May 30, 2004).

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