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"And look, it's the Princess of Tycoon!
She'll make a nice present to take back to my husband!
Heehee . . . !"

A deadly huntress and one of two bosses found at the North Mountain area in the 1992 Squaresoft Final Fantasy V Super Famicom video game. The party of heroes (Bartz, Lenna, Galuf, and Faris) will encounter Magissa near the summit of said peak (on their quest to find the flying dragon Hiryu), where the cruel woman will ambush the adventurers, poisoning Lenna with one of her arrows. Matters are further complicated by part of the rock face suddenly crumbling away, creating a chasm that prevents the other three protagonists from coming to the aid of their fallen comrade. Magissa confesses that she and her husband, Forza, are hunting the very same dragon, which is believed to be the last of its kind, in order to profit from the sale of the creature's valuable horns. Then Magissa taunts the others, promising to make the injured Lenna a gift to her inhuman spouse, as a plaything for his amusement. Enraged with anger, Lenna's sister, Faris, leaps across the gulf, which promptly crumbles further from the impact of her landing, causing Faris to plummet to her apparent death, much to Magissa's amusement. Fortunately, Faris is not so easily slain; climbing back up from the brink, her reappearance surprises the huntress, and, in the momentary confusion, Faris manages to throw a rope across to the other side, allowing Galuf and Bartz to reunite with the sisters. Magissa, growing tired of their interference, decides to eliminate the quartet in a fight to the death. With her bow and arrows next-to-useless in such close quarters, Magissa instead employs her whip and blade, as well as the offensive magic spells Fire, Ice, Aero, and Drain. While Magissa is trouble enough, one should also keep in mind that her husband, the hulking, plant-like Forza, as yet unseen by the heroes, seldom strays far from her side. If she feels that things are not going her way, Magissa will not hesitate to call upon her mate for support . . .

Newsprint, tissue paper, Manilla paper, colored paper, wire twist ties, plastic, string, white glue, hot glue, and acrylic paint.

(* The maximum height/width of this figure can vary considerably depending on how the joints are positioned. The numbers given are for Magissa in a "neutral" standing pose and without any accessories attached.)
6.6 cm/2.6 in. x 2.6 cm/1.0 in. (highest point x widest point)

Nineteen points: Neck (2), waist, shoulders (2), elbows (4), wrists (2), hips (2), knees (4), and ankles (2).

Five days; July 15-19, 2008.

Magissa photo collage.

Magissa's accessories.

For comparison purposes, below is (1) the Magissa Super Famicom game sprite, (2) an in-game screenshot of Magissa gloating over her plans for Hiryu's horns, (3) Yoshitaka Amano's Magissa illustration, and (4) the Game Boy Advance Magissa bestiary entry (#246).

Magissa Super Famicom sprite.

Screenshot of Magissa gloating over her plans for Hiryu's horns.

Magissa Yoshitaka Amano artwork.

GBA Magissa bestiary entry.

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