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Lost Soul

Physical manifestations of spirits that have been doomed for eternity. While Lost Souls can and do come into being spontaneously, born from the anguish of the disembodied, Pain Elementals (another monstrous species from the DOOM universe) are a more reliable source of the fiends because they can rapidly generate an unlimited number of the bony horrors from their gullets.

Lost Souls are permanently airborne; they never tire and loath touching the earth beneath them. These demonic skulls typically float aimlessly about at a leisurely pace, but, when aroused, they can accelerate, almost instantaneously, to velocities of up to 30.5 m/s (100 ft/s). Lost Souls attack by ramming their opponents at these high speeds and/or biting with their sharp fangs. Much like pirahnas, while a single Lost Soul is not particularly dangerous, a group of them can surround an individual on all sides and tear him or her to pieces in seconds. Being Hell-born entities, Lost Souls are immune to the flames they emit and to temperature extremes in general.

Lost Souls have only a rudimentary intelligence; their actions are fueled more by instinct and blind rage than conscious thought. Because they are composed entirely of bone, Lost Souls are not very damage-resistant and can be injured or destroyed with relative ease. Once one of these creatures commits itself to a high-speed, flying charge, it loses much in the way of maneuverability and cannot make an appreciable change in direction again until it slows down to an almost complete stop.

Paper toweling, newsprint, white glue, hot glue, and paint.

6.5 cm/2.6 in. x 9.7 cm/3.8 in. (highest point x widest point)

One day; March 28th, 2005.

An image of a Lost Soul from the DOOM PC video game:

Unpainted photos of my Lost Soul figure:

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