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Lisa Trevor

An unearthly scream freezes the blood in your veins as someone, or something, smashes the wooden door behind you to splinters. A woman, clad in a filthy torn dress, with chains dangling from her shackled ankles and her wrists permanently bound together inside a metal-reinforced block, forces her way into the room. Her head is concealed by a patchwork hood made from what appears to be the leathery skin of several human faces--doubtlessly trophies from previous victims. Terrified beyond all reason, and trapped with nowhere to run, you draw your automatic pistol and empty the entire clip into her. She staggers backwards from the impact of the bullets and, to your horror, several long tentacles begin to emerge from the empty eye sockets, nostrils, mouths, and ears of the grisly visages hiding her true face. Even more surprising, your assault doesn't drop her, in fact, the woman seems to have suffered no serious injuries whatsoever. Your empty weapon falling from your trembling hands, you cower as she advances on you once again, her arms raised high above her head to deliver a skull crushing blow . . .

All the Lickers want to date Lisa--I wonder why?

This character can be encountered in Capcom's 2002 Nintendo Gamecube remake of the original Resident Evil as well as Capcom's 2007 Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles Nintendo Wii video game. The daughter of George Trevor, the architect of the Spencer Mansion in the Arklay Mountains outside Raccoon City, Lisa is the tragic result of years of inhuman experimentation by the Umbrella Corporation. Paranoid about Lisa's father someday leaking the secrets of the mansion's layout, Oswell E. Spencer arranged for the capture, and elimination, of the Trevor family. While George managed to escape Spencer's clutches, his daughter and wife were not so lucky. Both Lisa, and her mother, Jessica, became unwilling test subjects for the Progenitor Virus--Lisa survived the ordeal, Jessica did not. Encouraged by her favorable reaction to the disease, Umbrella continued to experiment on Lisa, exposing her to all manner of biological weapons, both natural and man-made. To their astonishment, her body either fought off, or incorporated, everything they could throw at her, including the NE-Alpha parasite (the organism used to help create the intelligent Nemesis-Type Tyrant in Resident Evil 3). The data acquired from these tests on her was even instrumental in the creation of William Birkin's G-Virus. Sadly, over time, Lisa's captivity, the constant experimental procedures, along with the resulting mutations, and the loss of her parents, drove Lisa insane. She became increasingly unbalanced and violent, eventually killing several Umbrella staff members with her bare hands, and, even more disturbingly, developed a sick fixation with peeling off other people's faces and then using them to cover her own. Not surprisingly, these behaviors forced Lisa's handlers to keep her shackled at all times. Eventually, her usefulness having run its course, Umbrella executives decided to eliminate Lisa--the only problem was that this was easier said than done. No matter what they tried, her remarkable resistance to injury and regenerative powers always served to keep her alive. After numerous--and increasingly creative--failed attempts on her life, one particularly brutal assault finally seemed successful. When monitoring Lisa's "corpse" for vital signs for several days appeared to confirm her death, her body was unceremoniously dumped on a rubbish heap. Predictably, Lisa recovered soon afterwards and wandered off, eluding her captors and eventually taking up residence in a little-used and rundown shack on the grounds of the Spencer mansion, only emerging on rare occasions to continue her deranged search of the premises for her missing, and long dead, mother.

On the offensive, Lisa attacks with superhuman strength, bludgeoning her foes to death with horrific blows from her manacled fists (indeed, she could easily rip humans to pieces with her bare hands until some brave Umbrella operatives managed to hinder her ability to do so with said shackles). While the writhing tentacles that sprout from her upper body are certainly intimidating looking, they're not really weapons. These appendages only emerge when Lisa experiences stress; a physical expression of the NE-Alpha parasite that's fully integrated into her mutated body. Lisa's main asset is her near-invulnerability to just about everything. She can shrug off physical trauma that would instantly kill a normal human, and even catastrophic damage only incapacitates her temporarily. Officially, Lisa Trevor was destroyed in the self destruct sequence that annihilated the Spencer Mansion, but, given her track record and powers, it is not unthinkable that she might have survived even that cataclysm . . .

Newsprint, tissue paper, white glue, acrylic paint, wire twist ties, synthetic hair, gloss nail polish, plastic (transparent base only), and super glue.

3.2 cm/1.3 in. x 4.1 cm/1.6 in. (widest point x highest point)
Excluding the tentacles, the figure is 2.8 cm/1.1 in. tall.

Two days: March 14 and 15, 2011.
I also made some minor alterations to the paint/details on 3/21/11.

Lisa Trevor photo collage.

For comparison/informational purposes, below are some relevant images from various Resident Evil media:

Lisa Trevor computer generated artwork.

Lisa prepares to cave Chris Redfield's skull in.

Lisa Trevor official artwork, front and back views.


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