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Lick it up!
Dohn't steb on mah tonghue.

"And he asked him,
What is thy name?
And he answered, saying.
My name is Legion: For we are many."

- MARK   Chapter 9, Verse 5

Floating abominations created by the fusion of the heads of several tortured souls into one sickly mass. They can be encountered in both the Observation Tower and Battle Arena areas in Konami's 2001 Castlevania: Circle of The Moon Gameboy Advance video game. Occasionally, when defeated, a Legion may leave behind a vial of medicine that will nullify a curse or a powerful magical potion that will heal an injured body.

The slightest physical contact with any part of a Legion's body, besides inflicting terrible pain and injury, will result in a temporary curse. While plagued by said malady, the afflicted will find themselves an involuntary pacifist--unable to perform any kind of aggressive action until the curse wears off (or the jinx is removed via some other means). The creature will take full advantage of this situation, pursuing the victim relentlessly while he or she is unable to do anything to retaliate. Unnatural things, Legions can remain aloft indefinitely and never tire. Even more disturbing, a Legion can briefly render itself intangible at will, allowing it to pass through solid objects, such as stone pillars or even walls, in order to pursue its unfortunate prey. The unholy flesh of a Legion is very sturdy and can sustain an impressive amount of damage before failing.

Legions float very slowly through the air--a quick opponent can outmaneuver them relatively easily, provided there is room to do so, or simply avoid them all together. These creatures must physically touch their enemies in order to do them any harm, this places them at a significant disadvantage against an adversary that can attack from afar with projectile weapons. While a Legion can become ghostly in nature in order to facilitate its passage through solid matter, the distance it can travel in this state is limited and it cannot use this ability to protect itself from suffering physical injury as the result of an attack.

Tissue paper, newsprint, white glue, hot glue, acrylic paint, and latex paint.

21.5 cm/8.5 in. x 19.3 cm/7.7 in. (widest point x highest point)

Four days. Construction began on 4/11/06 and ended on 4/14/06.

Legion photo collage.

[Mid-construction photos of my Legion figure]

These two photos were taken at the beginning of the third day of construction (4/13/06). One side of the figure is very near completion (top photo), the other (bottom photo) has a gaping hole where two more heads have yet to be made and added.

(In no particular order of importance.)

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