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A brave knight given the task of singlehandedly defending the city of Kyo from an invasion of human-devouring aliens during Japan's Heian period. Lacking any real weapons to use against these unwelcome visitors, the Kebiishi decides to exterminate the aliens with an unconventional plan: He digs holes all over the city's streets with his shovel and then buries the beasts alive whenever they blunder into one of the pits (despite possessing the advanced technology necessary to build spacecraft, these aliens apparently aren't too bright . . . or maybe they just never look down).

Cardboard, paper toweling, newsprint, white glue, a plant stem, ink, and paint.

16.2 cm/6.4 in. x 8.0 cm/3.1 in. (highest point x widest point)

One day; January 20, 2005.

Kebiishi photo collage.

Mid-process photo of my Kebiishi figure. The shovel is complete but the figure is unpainted.

For comparison purposes, below are some images of the Kebiishi from various Heiankyo Alien media (more information on mouse-over).

The left picture depicts the Kebiishi from the original 1979 arcade game, while the right picture is from the new version found on the 1989 Nintendo Gameboy update.

Gameboy instruction manual artwork of the Kebiishi.


  •   Heiankyo Alien Nintendo Gameboy video game and instruction manual.

  •   Heiankyo Alien arcade game flyer/artwork.

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The background alien graphics are sprites I took from an intermission scene in the Gameboy version of the game and colored.