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A headstrong Woren catwoman warrior. She's one of the heroic characters you can control in the SNES (Super Entertainment System) RPG (role playing game) Breath of Fire II.


1. Katt's design appears to be a blend of catwoman/tigress and the character Sung Wu Kung from the Chinese legend Journey To The West/Monkey King. Another Capcom creation, Son Son, is also based on the same Chinese mythical hero.

2. Katt, Bow, and the secret character Bleu, are the only ones in the Breath of Fire II game that are able to hunt wild animals inside the grassy regions that periodically pop up on the over-world map. Hunting, and selling the meat you obtain from doing so, is a great way to supplement your income, particularly early in the game when defeated monsters don't drop a lot of gold coins.

3. Katt can whack and break/kill some items/things with her staff when you have her set as the leader of your party and you press the 'Y' button while facing the object you wish to hit. You'll use this most often when hunting (striking animals and/or rocks), but it also comes in handy in some dungeons.

4. Katt's name in the Japanese version of the game is 'Rinpoo Chuan'. And the'Woren' clan from which she hails (also sometimes referred to as 'Fullen') is a translation of the Japanese 'Furen'.

5. Katt's 'Dare' ability entices monsters to target all of their aggression on her. This can be dangerous, as Katt isn't very damage resistant in comparison to other characters--she could suffer severe injury or even be killed if you're facing a particularly nasty adversary. However, this skill is useful when one, or more, of Katt's companions are hurt badly and she is not, as she will draw the enemy's attacks, giving her friends time to heal themselves.

6. Katt is so fast that she almost always gets to act first in a battle. Strategically, this can be put to great use. For example, if an ally was hurt badly in the last round of combat, Katt, acting first, can heal him or her before the enemy has a chance to deliver a fatal blow. You can also use her to quickly kill or incapacitate a relatively weak enemy before it ever gets the chance to act.

7. Fusing the Devil Shaman to Katt (or Devil combined with Fire, Water, or Wind Shamans) will transform her into a special, more powerful form with enhanced abilities and stats.

8. After your initial battle with Katt in the coliseum, immediately push her out of the way, or she'll be hit by the poison darts instead of you and she won't be strong enough to battle the boss Argus with you and Rand.

Little is known about Katt's past, and she seldom speaks of it. She is a 'Woren', a race of sentient half-cat, half-humans. When the hero of Breath of Fire II, Ryu, first encounters her, she is a gladiator at the coliseum in the town of Coursair. Eventually, Ryu ends up fighting her, but the outcome of the match is rigged by the coliseum's owner, Argus. After saving Katt from a barrage of poison darts--shot out to finish the fight in a most permanent manner--Katt quickly becomes Ryu's staunch ally and joins him on his adventures.

Katt has mastered the art of fighting with sticks, staffs, spears, staves, polearms and other similarly shaped items. She prefers to use weapons which sport a clawed feline paw at the business end(s). In comparison to a human, Katt has much better sight (especially night vision), hearing, and a sense of smell. She also possesses incredible agility, speed, and balance--feats that would tax an experienced acrobat come naturally and effortlessly to her. Katt has a sharp tongue and delights in insulting and provoking her opponent(s) during battle. The intent, of course, is to drive the enemy into a raging frenzy, diminishing their control and causing them to take risks they otherwise wouldn't, leaving them vulnerable to counterattack.

Katt is impulsive and strong-willed; these two qualities sometimes get her into unpleasant situations that she could have otherwise avoided had she kept a cool head or gave some forethought to the consequences of her actions. Insulting and provoking enemies is a dangerous game; usually her agility is enough to save her from serious injury, but not always. While light on her feet, Katt isn't as strong or physically durable as an athletic human female of comparable size, which limits the amount of abuse she can dish out and take. Katt has knowledge of several powerful magic spells, but lacks the energy (ability points) required to cast them until she reaches a very high experience level or fuses with the Devil Shaman.

(Katt) Cardboard from a cereal box, newsprint, colored paper, a plastic broom bristle, tissue paper, wire twist ties, white glue, hot glue, and acrylic paint.

(Tigress Paw Staff) Newsprint, a wire twist tie, toothpicks, white glue, hot glue, and acrylic paint.

(*The numbers given are for the figure posed standing as straight as possible, hands at its' sides, tail hanging straight down, and without the staff accessory.)
22.8 cm/9.0 in. x 7.0 cm/2.8 in. (highest point x widest point)

Fifty-four points total. The neck has two joints; one at the base of the skull and another where it connects to the body. The waist rotates. The tail has fifteen jointed sections. The arms have fifteen joints each for a total of thirty; they move at the shoulders, at the elbows, at the wrists, and each finger is individually jointed at every knuckle. The legs have three joints each for a total of six; they move at the hips, knees, and ankles.

Approximately five days; construction ran from 6/5/07-6/11/07. I began this figure in the afternoon on the 5th; the first things I made were the head and hair. The next day, the 6th, I constructed the neck, upper body, lower body, and tail. On the 7th, I made the arms and hands, finished up the paint on the body and neck (mostly black stripes), and connected the head to the neck and the neck to the body via wire joints. I took a break and didn't do any work on this figure the 8th or 9th. On the 10th I created the legs and attached the hands to the arms, and the arms to the body, via wire joints. The last day, the 11th, resulted in the construction of the feet and Tigress Paw Staff accessory, as well as the connection of the feet to the legs, the legs to the waist, and the waist to the body, completing the figure.

[Mid-construction photos of my Katt figure]

For comparison purposes, below are four images of Katt from the Super Entertainment System video game 'Breath of Fire II'. The first is a facial shot of Katt taken from the status menu, the second depicts her overworld sprite, preparing to whack someone (which the short-tempered catwoman does often in the game), the third is one of her battle graphics, showing Katt spinning her staff, and the last is Katt's enemy battle sprite, taunting the hero, when you fight her as a boss character early in the game.


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