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No, I've never been a patient at Arkham Asylum, why do you ask?
I got banned from the Gold Saucer for counting cards.

Undead jesters found in Squaresoft's 1997 Final Fantasy VII Sony Playstation video game (said title was also later ported to the PC). They can (appropriately enough, given their fondness for games of chance) be randomly encountered in the area surrounding the Gold Saucer--usually in pairs, but sometimes a single specimen will be found in the company of two Flapbeats (a bird-like creature). Additionally, after you get the Tiny Bronco seaplane, but before the entertainment facility gets closed due to Meteor, they can be fought inside the Gold Saucer, at the 'Battle Square' arena combat mini game. The enemies Joker and Death Dealer share the same polygon model, but differ in color/capabilities (recycling enemies is a common programming practice).

A Joker's eight magic cards are the source of all its power; the creature relies on them completely for both flight and combat. Spinning beneath the Joker's skeletal feet, the cards not only provide the lift that allows the fiend to hover in the air, but, due to their razor-sharp edges, can be used to cut opponents in a buzzsaw-like fashion (the "Spinning Card" move). The bony clown may also choose to "play" one of them at random, causing one of five results, depending on which is drawn:

  • Club (12.5% probability), Earth elemental magic attack.
  • Spade (25%), physical attack.
  • Heart (25%), Cure spell on one opponent.
  • Diamond (25%), Gil Toss attack.
  • Joker (12.5%), instant death for one opponent.
Needless to say, if you're on the receiving end, you'd better hope for one of the two Hearts and pray the Joker doesn't get pulled.

These monsters are ranked at Level 18 and have 370 hit points (HP). You'll earn 150 experience points (EXP), 30 ability points (AP), and $260 in Gil for every Joker that you slay. You might also find a Hi-Potion (restores 500 HP) item drop reward after the battle. As they have no physical contact with terra firma, Jokers are immune to the effects of Earth magic. Conversely, being airborne, Wind magic will toss one about like a proverbial leaf, resulting in substantial damage. They cannot be transformed into frogs nor immobilized (Stop or Paralyze).

Newsprint, tissue paper, wire twist ties, black & white computer printout of Final Fantasy VII Joker playing cards (I hand colored them), white glue, super glue, a plastic bag, plastic from a memory card package, colored pencil, No. 2 graphite pencil, marker, and acrylic paint.

4.0 cm/1.6 in. x 7.1 cm/2.8 in. (widest point x highest point)
The height is 9.2 cm/ 3.6 in. including the jester's hat and circling cards stand.

Sixteen points: Neck (2), shoulders (2), elbows (2), wrists (2), waist, hoop, hips (2), knees (2), and ankles (2).

Seven days; August 24-30, 2009.

Joker photo collage.

For comparison/informational purposes, below are some images from various Final Fantasy VII media (more information on mouse-over). I used the FFVII 3D Model Viewer program, programmed by "makuchan", to capture some of these images--the Joker polygon model is file ENEMY114.LZS on the game disc(s) if you're interested.

Upper body view of the polygon Joker model.     Close-up view of the Joker polygon model's face.  The visage reminds me of MOTU's Castle Greyskull.

Detailed look at a Joker's eight cards from directly underneath.

(In no particular order of importance.)

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The background graphic is the interior of a Mako Reactor from the Final Fantasy VII game.