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The Head of
John Romero

"!oremoR nhoJ, em llik tsum uoy, emag eht niw oT"

- Icon of Sin, DOOM II

The secret final boss of id Software's 1994 DOOM II: Hell On Earth computer game. John Romero is a video game programmer/designer and one of the co-founders of id Software (he was part of said company from 1991-1996). The inclusion of his decapitated and impaled head inside the Icon of Sin is intended as an Easter Egg/joke.

In order to reach the secret room that houses Romero's head: Play until you reach Level 30: Icon of Sin (or, alternatively, type idclev30 to warp there from any level in the game). Once there, proceed to the final boss (the gigantic demon skull wall texture) and input the cheat code idclip, this allows you to walk through walls. With said code activated, march directly into, and inside, the final boss--moving forward, you'll find a small room with Romero inside. Kill him to end the level and beat the game. Note: You can find John Romero in a similar manner in both the TNT: Evilution and The Plutonia Experiment episodes of the Final DOOM computer game.

Newsprint, tissue paper, cardboard, white glue, hot glue, and acrylic paint.

7.3 cm/2.9 in. x 5.6 cm/2.2 in. (highest point x widest point)

Roughly three days; October 19-21, 2008.

Head of John Romero photo collage.

This is a reference photo I took of my own head, in profile, to help me get the features on a face contorted into a painful scream right in my sculpt (and, yes, I need to shave).

The result of my first sculpting session on day one. The head/neck are pretty well roughed out at this point. I was pretty happy with the outcome, other than the ears being too big.

Here's what I accomplished on the morning of the second day. I sculpted most of the base and further modified the head.

This image depicts additional work, mainly the hair, that I did later on in the evening on day two.

This photo shows the beginning of the painting process on day three. The gory areas started out with a forest green base color, the skin with a neutral flesh tone, and the inside of the mouth purple. I added the teeth later, after I had completed 90% of the paint work, which is why they're still missing at this point.

For comparison purposes, below is an animated sprite of Romero's head from the DOOM II computer game.

John Romero animated sprite.

(In no particular order of importance.)

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