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Insane Cancer

Large, albino humanoids that can be encountered in the Hazel Street Subway Station, Construction Site, Hilltop Centre, and Church portions of the Silent Hill 3 video game. Insane Cancers may look grotesquely obese, but appearances can be deceiving--they're actually hollow creatures filled with gas, not unlike an inflatable balloon.


Insane Cancers are incredibly strong and move with frightening speed for creatures of their size. They attack with their fists, hurling single punches or crushing skulls with double-fisted, overhead blows. The skin of an Insane Cancer is thin but extremely rubbery and durable; it can take a lot of abuse before it ruptures. These monsters can regenerate damaged tissue at an astonishing rate simply by lying still while 'playing dead'. The wise would keep this simple rule in mind when dealing with Insane Cancers: If it hasn't deflated, it isn't dead.


Insane Cancers are lazy and can often be found 'lying down on the job'. An intruder can take advantage of their idleness by initiating an attack or running past the creature before it rises. While fierce fighters, these monstrous thugs have little endurance when it comes to sprinting. They will seldom pursue an enemy for more than a few seconds before stopping to sit and catch their breath.

Newsprint, tissue paper, white glue, hot glue, and paint.

16.0 cm/6.3 in. x 14.5 cm/5.7 in. (highest point x widest point)

One day; June 12, 2005.

Image of an Insane Cancer from the Silent Hill 3 Playstation 2 video game:

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The background graphic is a close-up of the floor textures in the "Nowhere" section of the Silent Hill game (specifically the room with the bird cage).