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A deadly cephalopod warrior that first appeared in the Capcom arcade video game Warzard/Red Earth. Hydron began life as a normal squid, living off the coast of Icelarn, but the sorcerer Valdoll increased his size and power in exchange for his undying allegiance. Hydron is worshiped as a god by all other squids; they will follow any order he gives unquestionably. NOTE: Hydron and Warzard are the English names for the character and game, Nool and Red Earth are the Japanese names.

Hydron can survive on land or underwater indefinitely. Arctic temperatures cause him no discomfort. Hydron possesses incredible physical strength, particularly in his tentacles. Anyone caught within the grasp of these rubbery appendages would find the grip almost impossible to break. Hydron can propel himself, above water by lunging, or beneath water by swimming, at great speeds with these muscular tendrils. Hydron has the ability to spontaneously generate smaller squids, even on land; there is no limit to the number of servants he can create in this manner. He can expel clouds of ink from an orifice located below his mouth; this cloudy discharge can blind anyone unlucky enough to get it into their eyes. Hydron employs a magical trident, a gift to him from Valdoll, as his weapon of choice. He can unleash whirlpools of icy water with a single swipe of this three-pronged lance. By concentrating, Hydron can generate and channel bio-electrical energy through his body. He can use the resulting charge in two ways: First, he can grasp a target in his tentacles and directly discharge the electricity into the captive's body. Second, Hydron can instead let the energy flow through his trident which then discharges the electricity in the form of a web-like lightning pattern.

While a fearsome foe in any situation, Hydron is nowhere near as dangerous on land as he is underwater in his natural element. Unlike him, the squids that Hydron summons can't survive out of water and will die within seconds of materializing in any non-aqueous environment. Try as he might, Hydron can't quite master the language of humans and speaks with a slight stutter.

Cardboard, beads, a dead plant stem, paper toweling, tissue paper, newsprint, white glue, hot glue, permanent marker, and acrylic paint.

19.3 cm/7.6 in. x 23.5 cm/9.3 in. (highest point x widest point)

Four days (three days for Hydron, one day for his trident). Construction began on 12/13/05 and ended on 12/16/05.

[Mid-construction photos of my Hydron/Nool figure]
The photo on the left shows Hydron's completed head and shell as well as my initial, unfinished attempt at making the same shell. I made the first shell before the head, and, when I completed his noggin, I found that I had not paid enough attention to scale and made it too large. So, I made another, larger shell. While annoying, it turned out all right because the new shell looks a lot better than the first attempt. The photo on the right shows the completed head/shell and the almost completed body.

Image of Hydron/Nool from the 'Warzard/Red Earth' Capcom arcade video game:

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