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Hunting Girl

I "fake-swapped" (i.e., worked on a themed project without actually exchanging it with anyone) this figure for Craftster's Vikings, Pirates, Ninjas, and "Friends" Swap. The object of said challenge was to make some artwork celebrating the warriors of yore.

This is a "Hunting Girl", which are ghostly swordswomen from Konami's 1997 Castlevania: Symphony of the Night video game. Other than brief glimpses of them when you successfully land a blow, or slay them, Hunting Girls are completely invisible, except for the blades that they wield, consequently, said weapons appear to float and attack under their own power.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Hunting Girl in-game bestiary entry.

In later Castlevania games, these women were re-named "Nemesis", which bothers me a bit, from a mythological accuracy standpoint, as She was the Greek goddess of divine vengeance--Nemesis should be out smiting evil, not serving it. I would also argue that Artemis may have better fit the original "Hunting Girl" moniker than Nemesis does (although Nemesis has been described as "inescapable" and "relentless", both of which are excellent qualities for any hunter to have). That said, in my opinion, aiding a bloodsucking, undead creature like Dracula (the antagonist of most of the Castlevania games) is beneath any goddess.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Hunting Girl sprites, ripped by "Smithygon".

I drew the Hunting Girl template on paper, glued that image to one side of a sheet of transparent plastic, etched said illustration's lines into the plastic, cut the figure out, and then removed the glued-on paper from the plastic to return it to its' original transparent state. Next, I fabricated the 3-Dimensional sword out of paper, painted the weapon, and then glued it into her right hand. Finally, I made the black circular base out of cardboard and newsprint and embedded the tab I left on the bottom of the Hunting Girl's foot into said structure to secure her into place. Normally, I make transparent stands, but, considering that she's already see-through to begin with, I went with an opaque one in this case. That will also make her much easier to find when I inevitably drop the Hunting Girl and lose her on the carpet. I tell you from experience: trying to locate a flat, transparent object when you misplace it can be very difficult and infuriating, so, a bit of color goes a long way to aiding the search (the sword is of little help because that will almost certainly come unglued from her hand on impact).

As you can probably guess, this Hunting Girl is really hard to photograph well, which, considering that she's supposed to be invisible, is appropriate enough.

Transparent plastic from a toy package, newsprint, white paper from an envelope,
cardboard from a cereal box, acrylic paint, ink, and white glue.

3.4 cm (1.3") wide x 4.1 cm (1.6") high.

One day; May 20th, 2016.


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