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Heart Spider

Gigantic hearts, equipped with eight segmented legs, that can be found in the 1992 Bio-Hazard Battle Sega Genesis video game (original Japanese title: Kuraingu: Aseimei Sensou, which translates to "Crying: Sub-Life Battle"). These pseudo-arachnids scamper and hop about amidst the pipework in Stage 7, while periodically excreting deadly red blood cells into the air. Heart Spiders are but one example of the abominations that the four heroic Biowarriors will have to confront during their quest to cleanse the Planet Avalon of the malignant organisms that have infested it in Bio-Hazard Battle.

Newsprint, tissue paper, Manila paper, white glue, hot glue, wire twist ties, nail polish, and acrylic paint.

(*The dimensions given for this figure are approximations, as the height/width can vary considerably, depending on how the joints are positioned.)
5.5 cm/2.2 in. x 3.0 cm/1.2 in. (widest point x highest point)

Thirty-two points total: Each of the eight legs has four joints.

Approximately two days; June 20-21, 2008.

Heart Spider photo collage.

Heart Spider sculpting/painting process photos.

For comparison purposes, below is (1) a scuttling Heart Spider, composed of sprite frames from the Bio-Hazard Battle video game that I put together into an animation, and (2) a still shot of a Biowarrior craft taking on several Heart Spiders in Stage 7.

Heart Spider animation.

Biowarrior vs. Heart Spiders.


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