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Half-woman, half-bird creatures that can be found flying about the twisting gears of the Clock Tower in Castlevania Symphony Of The Night. Harpies often carry daggers in their talons and are quite skilled at throwing them. When unarmed, the monstrous women dive down upon their targets, eviscerating would-be trespassers with powerful kicks. They can also magically generate fireballs, fashioned in the shape of birds, which they send blazing towards their enemies. Harpies, which have to weather and survive the terrible storms that frequently assault Castlevania's walls, are resistant to thunder based attacks.

After being forcibly grounded, a dead Harpy will occasionally leave behind an ordinary apple or a much rarer Life Apple (this magical fruit is of special interest to anyone possessing a Fairy familiar).

My Harpy figure has a dagger and a bird fireball as accessories.

The shape of the Harpies' daggers are very similar to the shape of the leaves that Tengu, Japanese bird demons, are often depicted holding. As both Harpies and Tengu are bird-like creatures, and the game was developed by the Japanese, I believe this was an intentional reference.

Cardboard, paper toweling, newsprint, white glue, hot glue, doll hair, a bead, graphite pencil, colored pencils, marker, ink, and paint.

24.5 cm/9.6 in. x 18.0 cm/7.1 in. (highest point x widest point)

Three days; October 14-15 and 18, 2004.

Mid-Construction Photos:

(These were taken about 3-4 hours into construction. The figure is unpainted and the feathers and hair haven't been made/added yet.)

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The brick background graphic is from the "Marble Gallery" castle area in the game.