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Deadly, reptilian predators that first appeared in the 1994 Sega Genesis video game Phantasy Star IV: The End of The Millennium.


If encountered together and provoked, a Hakenleft and its close cousin, the Bladeright, may join together at the shoulders to form the super-monster "Twinarms".


The monster's left arm ends in a long, crystalline nail that resembles a sickle. This appendage serves as a Hakenleft's primary means of attack. In the event that said nail breaks, it will grow back (the time this takes is dependent on the degree of damage--a notched or chipped edge repairs itself quickly, while a completely shattered blade can take months). A Hakenleft's spherical right shoulder conceals an organ that can excrete pressurized streams of highly-corrosive acid. This caustic fluid reacts in an unpleasant and destructive manner with both flesh and metal. A Hakenleft often uses this acid to "soften up" armored or mechanical opponents. Tough skin and scales provide these monsters with a good, natural defense--in fact, some armorers use the hides from dead Hakenlefts, and their kin, to make shields and other defensive gear to sell in their shops. The flesh of a Hakenleft is a very poor conductor; this makes them resistant to electrical skills (Tandle) and weapons (Thunderclaw). Hakenlefts are twice as strong and agile as an average human. They have excellent night vision and can detect heat within a 5 meter (16.4 feet) radius from their bodies. Hakenlefts prefer to roam in small packs with their own kind, but they can occasionally be found in the company of other bio-monsters--particular care should be taken if a Bladeright is also present (see box above).


Hakenlefts are devout followers of Dark Force/Profound Darkness; this affinity with evil makes them particularly vulnerable to light-based skills (St. Fire and Efess) and items (Psycho Wand, Silver-tusk, and Elsydeon). Their scaly flesh also fairs poorly against non-elemental techniques (Tsu, Githu, and NaThu) and skills (Rayblade and Megid).

Tissue paper, newsprint, white glue, hot glue, and acrylic paint.

16.0 cm/6.3 in. x 17.4 cm/6.9 in. (highest point x widest point)

Four days; construction began on 8/1/06 and ended on 8/4/06.

Hakenleft photo collage.

For comparison purposes, below are some images from the Phantasy Star IV video game (more information on mouse-over).

Close-up look at a Hakenleft game sprite.

The party prepares to take on a group of two Hakenlefts and a Bladeright . . . a Twinarms will shortly be formed if they don't act quickly.


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The background graphic is a close-up of some computer systems from a battle sequence in the Phantasy Star IV game.