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Grats are large, mobile, carnivorous vegetation that can be encountered within the confines of Balamb Garden's training center (and elsewhere) in Squaresoft's 1999 Final Fantasy VIII  Playstation video game. They appear to be a monstrous hybrid of pitcher and venus flytrap plants. Grats feed by depositing prey, which they catch with their long vines, inside their stomach sacks where the various acids and digestive juices contained within slowly break down the meal. They can also spray these digestive juices when threatened, which, beyond resulting in burning/corrosion upon contact, may also poison the target. If an enemy or potential meal successfully damages a Grat, the creature may counter by producing a cloud of gas that contains sedatives--this will often cause the attackee to fall asleep. If a Grat becomes seriously injured, it is not unknown for them to grasp another organism and leech life and nutrients out of the victim, in a vampire-like fashion, to restore their own failing health.

Being plants, Grats are highly susceptible to temperature changes - both fire and ice-based attacks work well against them. These monsters aren't particularly dangerous or powerful, but the status-altering attacks they produce can tip the scales in their favor during battle if you're careless or unprepared.

Cardboard, white paper, white glue, hot glue, wire twist ties, bottle rocket sticks, acrylic paint, oil paint, and watercolor paint.

30.5 cm/12.0 in. x 27.4 cm/10.8 in. (highest point x widest point)

The jaws can open and close.

Unknown; this figure's creation occured before I started keeping thorough records of my work (which means it was made sometime prior to May 30, 2004).

Grat photo collage.

Hand reproduction of a Grat Triple Triad card.

For comparison purposes, here is an image of the Grat polygon model from the Final Fantasy VIII video game.

(In no particular order of importance.)

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The background image was taken from an in-game cutscene of Rinoa in a field of flowers.