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Goblin Soothsayer

Man, I'm never going to get this cherry licorice untangled . . .

This figure is based on the illustration, by Robert Bliss, that appears on the 1996 Magic: The Gathering Goblin Soothsayer card found in the Mirage expansion set. Said artwork depicts a goblin shaman, perched on a gnarled tree branch, practicing the ancient art of divination through the examination of fresh entrails by moonlight (hopefully the guts came from an animal, but, given the creature's sacrificial power during gameplay, it's far more likely that the innards were involuntarily donated by one of its' kin.) The Goblin Soothsayer is an uncommon card that costs a single red mana to summon, and, as one would expect from that small investment of magical energy, it's only a weak 1/1 (power/toughness) monster. In addition to attacking/blocking with it, the controlling player may instead choose to activate the Goblin Soothsayer's special ability by paying one red mana, tapping the card, and sacrificing any goblin; in exchange, all red creatures in play are granted a temporary +1 bonus to both their power and toughness until the end of that turn.

This model was created specifically as an entry for a custom toy contest at Figure Realm that focused on tabletop game characters.

Newsprint, tissue paper, white glue, acrylic paint, and gloss nail polish.

6.5 cm/2.6 in. x 5.8 cm/2.3 in. (widest point x highest point)

One day, July 28, 2011
(I'm often amazed by what I can get accomplished in a short amount of time when deadline draws near.)

Goblin Soothsayer photo collage.

Okay, these slimy guts tell me that you two should worship me as a god and that I get all the women, money, and booze.  What?  The sacred intestines don't lie!

For comparison/informational purposes:

Goblin Soothsayer Magic: The Gathering collectible game card from the Mirage expansion set.


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